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Sunday Spotlight - Lisa Oliver and Don't Tempt Fate

Welcome Lisa Oliver back to my blog.  She's sharing a bit from her new release, Don't Tempt Fate.

Don't Tempt Fate

Book 11 of the Cloverleah Pack series

Pack enforcer, Marius Reef has a lot on his mind. Life in Cloverleah has been quiet for months; giving him too much time to think. He still suffers nightmares from his father's abuse decades ago and now his brothers are mated, he is struggling to find and keep his place in the pack. Determined to be useful, his waking hours are spent patrolling the pack's territory but at night his dreams are haunted by a hunky blond, so perfect he couldn't exist in real life. 

As the Battle Lord for his people, Cathair is used to being sent from the elven realm to dispel injustices found on many realms including earth. Guided by the Seers, he's never questioned his assignments before. But when his father, the High Elder insists he must take a message to a tiny pack in the middle of nowhere, and actually stay with them, he puts up a token protest. His place was on the elven realm, wasn't it?

Prophecies and kidnappings, the evil that stalks Cloverleah is getting closer and all will be affected. Plagued with troubles and misunderstandings on both realms, Marius and Cathair must forge a bond or the whole pack could be lost. But when trouble comes from one of their own, the two men reach a crossroads. Will they choose the right path or will the fate of the Cloverleah pack be doomed?

This is an M/M story that includes some violence, references to past abuse and a scene of attempted rape (not between MCs). Like all of my books, it has an HEA, no cheating and no cliffhanger. However, the epilogue sets the scene for the next book in the series.  

This book is part of a series and while this story is based on one couple and is complete in itself; to appreciate the over-arching story line and the stories behind the secondary characters, reading the previous books in order is advised.

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“I’ve dreamed about you, you know,” Marius said as he felt a large presence suddenly appear behind him and his nose was filled with an intoxicating scent. He knew in his gut the elf would find him. “Is that an elven thing? Projecting desires into dreams before you find your hapless mate.”

“You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” Cathair’s voice was low and husky without the growl Marius was used to. “I’m not aware of a dream scenario or anything else associated with true mates. But then I’m young in elven terms. It’s possible my father might have advised me on such a thing if he’d felt I needed to be aware of it.”

“Young?” Marius tightened his arms around his chest, resisting the urge to turn around. He knew if he did he’d be humping the huge hunk like there was no tomorrow. His wolf and cock were certainly keen enough especially with the scent of jasmine and musk holding him captive. “Young is such a relative term when it comes to paranormals, don’t you think? How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“I’m one thousand and forty-two, and you can ask me anything.”

Oh, my fucking god. Marius was a reasonable age in shifter terms; older than Kane and Griff at eighty-two. “Were there still dinosaurs around when you were born?” Marius slapped his hand over his mouth as soon as the words were out, but it was too late.

Cathair chuckled. “I think my grandfather might have kept a couple as pets. But no, I’ve never seen one, much to my regret.” 

He has a sense of humor at least. Marius’s whole body trembled with the effort not to turn. He knew, he just knew that if he turned around, his whole life as he knew it would be over.

“Tell me about these dreams.” Marius recognized the lowered tone for what it was. This man should never be allowed to speak. He’s too fucking sexy.

“They’re nothing,” Marius waved his hand without looking over his shoulder. “Ignore me. I’m just rambling. Shouldn’t you be at the pack dinner? Some of the unmated enforcers dressed up just for your benefit.”

“And yet you didn’t.” Marius was never more conscious of his worn jeans. “Those jeans do amazing things for your ass, pup.” 

Pup? Marius whirled around in anger. “I’m no pup!” He snarled. “I’ll be eighty-three years old next month; old enough to be an elder by wolf shifter standards. Just because you’re almost old enough to be fossilized doesn’t mean you get the right to tease me about my age.”

“It got you to turn around and face me, didn’t it?”

About the Author

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams.  Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.
When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate.  Lisa will do anything for chocolate.
Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers.

You can friend her on Facebook (, catch up on whatís happening at her blog ( or email her directly at

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