Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Spotlight - April Andrews and Pack Versus Mates

Welcome to Sunday Spotlight! April Andrews is returning to share a bit from her new release Pack Versus Mates.  It's the 8th book in her The Omega Auctions series. If you love wolf shifters, alphas and omegas, then you should check out this series!

If you’re born an omega, you don’t get to stay with your pack. Instead, you’re sent to the Omega Auctions, a place where wolves are traded between packs...a place where they have no say in their future…but a place where, at long last, some wolves are finally fighting back…

On a farm in the middle of nowhere two omega wolves are being held captive by their pack. But, Art and Joe have heard stories of a group of wolves who are setting omegas free and offering them a new life. Art and Joe want a chance at a new life too…but they don’t just want it for themselves, they want it for their mate as well.

Jared has also heard these stories and he is worried about what is going to happen to his pack, and to his mates. So, when the farm is raided by members of the free pack of wolves his first instinct is to protect Joe and Art, to keep them safe, and to keep them with his pack.

But, it isn’t going to be as simple as that. Before long, Jared is going to be faced with a difficult choice. To stand by the pack that he has been loyal to his entire life, or to stand by his mates

Joe awoke to the feel of soft, fluttering kisses on the very top of his cock-head. He gasped from the contact and not least because he knew those lips better than he knew his own, and the last time he had touched them had been just hours ago as he kissed his mate goodnight.

Only, now those lips were on his shaft and Joe sighed with pleasure as they moved along the length, leaving little tingles of delight in their wake. Joe loved how that felt. Art knew exactly how to please him with his lips. It was one of the many things that Joe loved about his mate.

He sighed and arched his hips before reaching down and running his fingers through Art’s hair.

“Art?” he whispered even as hands began to run along his chest.

“Who else?” Art asked.

“That feels so good,” Joe whispered.

“Always,” Art replied.

His hands were moving lower now, running along Joe’s thighs. Joe knew what that meant, and he eagerly spread them for the other man before reaching out with his arms, welcoming Art above him, into him, exactly where the other man belonged.

But then…a shadow crossed over his vision. Joe gasped as he realized exactly what that meant. His cock jerked against Art’s open mouth. Pre-cum blossomed. Art licked it up even as Joe gasped again.

“Jared…” he whispered.
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