Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Too Much Masturbation...

Too much masturbation...

At least, that's what someone on Facebook claimed when I complained about my recent wrist pain.

(Yeah, you thought this post was going to be about something else.  Psych! I just wanted you to know that I'm only releasing one book each in August and September.)

I have some nerve damage running down my right arm and down to my wrist and hand... while I DON'T think it's carpal tunnel, the doc hasn't completely ruled it out yet.

I've switched up my daily schedule--writing in two smaller bursts each day--so my output has slowed some. I write until it starts to hurt and then I stop and ice it.

Just giving you a head's up, since I often have two releases each month.

August will be the first Midnight book.  

September will be Project Zed 4.

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