Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Spotlight: Shea Balik and Synful Dreams

Welcome Shea Balik back to my blog.  Shea is sharing a bit from new release Synful Dreams Syn's Playground Book 1.

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Romance, M/M, HEA]

Syn Evans was a Dom who believed he had the world at his fingertips. That was until until he’d made the biggest mistake of his life. It had taken witnessing his friends find love and even getting married that made him realize he needed to man up and make amends with the one man who still owned his heart. Even if that meant groveling.

PJ had been devastated when Syn had left him, but he’d somehow managed to get over the love of his life. Or so he thought. It wasn’t until Syn waltzed back into his life that PJ understood he not only hadn’t gotten over Syn or the need he had to submit to his Dom, but he was still in love with him.

The only question was, could he find a way to forgive Syn for leaving him all those years ago and find a path for their future?

A Siren Erotic Romance


A steady beep slowly penetrated the fog that wrapped around PJ. He wanted to just sink back into the warm embrace of darkness but there was something else, another noise that was forcing him to listen.

“Come on, little love, open those pretty eyes for me.”

The deep cadence of the voice that spoke was so familiar that PJ wanted to find its source. He just wasn’t sure he could open his eyes like the voice wanted him to do. It was like there were lead weights on his eyelids, forcing them to remain closed.

“Please wake up,” that so familiar voice whispered fervently.

The need to reassure that voice was stronger than the pull to drift back into the darkness. Pushing through the fog, PJ willed his eyelids open. It took three tries before the blinding light of the room had him slamming his eyes closed once more.

“PJ?” There was so much hope in that voice that PJ had to see for himself who it was that spoke.

Once more he cracked open his eyelids to peer up at the one man who had owned his heart from the moment they’d met. The one person who PJ would do anything for. “Syn.” It came out more like a whimper of sound as his throat was just too parched to force any real sound from it.

“Thank God,” Syn whispered as if he’d been praying. Then Syn’s hand came up and cupped PJ’s face, just like he always did. The touch was so familiar, yet alien at the same time.

PJ’s brain tried to figure out what was happening, but he just couldn’t hold a thought for more than a moment before he lost it to the fog that was creeping back over him. Even as the darkness tried to drag him back under once more, PJ strained to stay awake. He had no idea why, but he didn’t want to close his eyes in fear of Syn disappearing.

“I’m here, little love. I’m not going anywhere,” Syn promised.

PJ hoped that was true, for from one heartbeat to the next, the blackness that had been trying to pull him back into its embrace succeeded in doing just that.

 * * * *

Voices filtered into PJ’s brain, waking him from the best dream he’d had in a long time. Syn had been there, holding him, telling him how much he loved PJ. After Syn had moved to New York and PJ moved back home, he’d had the dreams often, but over the years they had diminished until they had stopped altogether.

He was tempted to yell at whoever had woken him, but PJ was a realist. As much as he wanted nothing more than to sink back into his fantasy of Syn being there, it wouldn’t help PJ get on with his life. Then again, considering it had been thirteen years and PJ still wasn’t over the man, PJ wasn’t sure he’d ever move on.

“You’ve already operated on him three times. Just how many more operations are you going to need to do?”

PJ froze. It couldn’t be. Could it?

“As I already explained, there was extensive damage both from the bullet wound to his knee and the impact of the fall to his ankle. We’ve had to do a lot of repairs to both areas.”

Instantly, PJ didn’t like whoever was talking as he blabbered on about fractures, pins and blood flow. PJ had no idea most of what he said but the man’s tone was condescending. He wanted to yell for the man to shut the hell up so the other man could talk. PJ needed to know if it was Syn or if he was just hallucinating.

“I understand that, Dr. Zari, but you also never mentioned that you would require so many surgeries in order to do your job.”

PJ’s heart sped up, the beeps coming from somewhere nearby matching the speed. It was Syn. It had to be. But how?

PJ had no idea but he had to see for himself. Why didn’t he think of that to begin with? He lifted his lids and sighed.

Before him was the most gorgeous sight he’d seen in a long time. Syn stood there facing off against a man in a white coat. He was just as PJ remembered. Well, almost. He’d filled out a bit more since college, his chest broader and arms a big bigger. And his face had a few more lines, but he was still the same Syn. Fierce, unwavering, handsome.

What PJ didn’t know was what he was doing there. Or where there was for that matter. The white coat of the man Syn was talking to, along with various tubes coming from PJ’s body as well as that awful smell could only mean one thing. He was in the hospital. But why?

“Syn,” he tried to say, but his too dry throat didn’t do more than make a rasping sound that sounded more like a sigh than an actual word.

But apparently it was enough, for Syn whirled to face him and everything else disappeared as PJ’s eyes drank him in. “PJ,” Syn whispered. One step was all it took in the small room for Syn to be there, right next to PJ’s bed.

Warmth flooded PJ where Syn’s hand touched his. “You’re awake.” Syn’s smile chased away all the cobwebs still clinging to PJ’s weary brain.

How could he feel tired when Syn was there?


PJ laid his head against Syn’s chest. “All our dreams are coming true,” he whispered just loud enough for Syn to hear him.

Syn held him close for another minute, just savoring the feel of PJ in his arms. They really were about to have all of their dreams come true. But the reality was, any future with this man would make all of Syn’s dreams come true.

He could stay like this forever and be a happy man. Then again, they had their whole lives and right now, they had a scene to finish. “I believe you have earned a punishment.” Steel infused his voice to remind PJ just who was in charge.

A smile of bliss formed on PJ’s lush lips, letting Syn know just how much PJ was looking forward to this. But before he could commence with the punishment, Syn needed to feel those lips on him. “Kneel,” he commanded.

Without any hesitation, PJ sank gracefully to his knees. He leaned in, rubbing his face against the front of Syn’s pants. That was what he loved about PJ. He enjoyed every aspect of their sex life, even something as simple as getting ready to suck his cock, he savored.

When PJ lifted up his hands to reach for Syn’s zipper, Syn said, “With your teeth.” It wasn’t something he would normally request, but he wanted to drag this out.

PJ dropped his hands and once more leaned in. He pushed his nose along the length of Syn’s erection until he got to the top of his pants. With his teeth, he tugged at the flap, popping the button free. Then he went to work on the zipper. Syn was glad he was wearing boxer briefs today. He often went commando, and with how hard his dick was pressing against the zipper, it wouldn’t be fun to fear getting it caught in the teeth.

Those sweet brown eyes were staring up at him as PJ dragged the zipper downward. Damn, but his little love looked amazing on his knees serving Syn. A part of him worried he would blow his load before PJ ever got his pants and underwear down far enough to take him in his mouth.

Curling his hands into fists, Syn looked up as he fought the orgasm that was threatening to crash through him. Just when he thought he’d gotten some semblance of control back, he felt wet heat sliding along his shaft.

Syn couldn’t help but look down once more. The sight of PJ taking him in his mouth was one of the most erotic sights he’d ever seen. The only time it got better was when he was sinking into PJ’s tight ass.

Syn’s balls rolled in their sac at the thought of feeling PJ’s tight muscles wrapped around him. He’d planned an entire scene, but now he was beginning to think he needed to take the edge off first.

With that thought in mind, Syn threaded his fingers into PJ’s hair, holding him still as he fucked that amazing mouth. That PJ continued to kneel there, perfectly content for Syn to take over and use him as he wanted, only turned him on more.

PJ was the perfect sub. Just feisty enough to give them both what they want, punishments, yet still completely submissive, like now.

Syn groaned as he tried to hold his orgasm off for a little while longer. PJ’s mouth was something he wanted to experience for as long as possible. But with his little love’s ability to provide just the right amount of stimulation with his tongue and the suction he provided, it didn’t take long for his orgasm to crash through him with no hope of holding it back.

His balls pulled up tight and his dick throbbed in PJ’s mouth. Stars formed in his eyes as pulse after pulse of cum filled PJ’s mouth, which he swallowed with relish.

Endorphins pumped through him, leaving him weak as a limp noodle. Only his hold on PJ’s head kept him upright. “Damn, boy. You know how to make me feel good,” he told PJ as he finally was able to move and pulled from his mouth.

PJ smacked his lips with a smile as he stared up at Syn with a self-satisfied smile on his face. After that blow job, he deserved to look like that. Chuckling, Syn leaned down and kissed that sweet mouth, loving that he could still taste himself on PJ’s mouth.

When he pulled back, he stood up straight. “Playroom. Now,” he ordered.

He couldn’t help but smile when PJ scrambled to do as he said. Yep, they were going to have a great life. New York was going to be so much fun.


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