Wednesday, July 5, 2017

NEW RELEASE: Sacrificed to the Sun God (An MPREG Short) by Kelex

Miss me?  I took a little time off in June and only had one release... and now I've got a fun little short out before Project Zed Book 3 DEVIL releases in a couple of weeks. 

FYI Sacrificed to the Sun God is LOOOOOOSELY connected to Sacrificed to the Harvest God, so you DO NOT need to read them in any order.

In the aftertimes, the earth is a barren, dry place. Maal’s tribe prays to the sun god, Dag-ra, to gift them with enough food and water to make it through the year. On the first day of summer, they must give an offering. One soul to sacrifice.

Most years it’s someone from the tribe who’s committed a crime, but when there are no criminals, the council decides to put up the oldest member. Maal won’t allow them to sacrifice his grandfather, and demands the mighty god take him instead.

Dag-ra has been long waiting for one such as Maal.

Maal felt sweat break out over his forehead as he watched the give and take of pain and pleasure… and suddenly wondered what it would feel like to endure the lash of that strong whip. He frowned, not understanding why he’d think of something so deadly and consider it erotically intoxicating. Yet with each strike of the whip, he felt need pumping in his veins… and by the end of it, he was near to moaning himself from the visions dancing in his own mind.

When the whip disappeared from Dag-ra’s hand, part of him was thankful. Much more and he would’ve made a fool of himself before the others. They already thought less of him because of his age…

Dag-ra swiped one large hand through the air and Amon’s chains disappeared. A bench of some type had appeared below the thief, and Amon was now bent over it, his bottom high in the air.

Maal’s mouth dropped as he watched the god move behind the man and angle that huge cock against Amon’s ass. Dag-ra turned, meeting Maal’s stare seconds before sliding deep inside Amon’s body. The thief cried out… again, in utter pleasure.

Maal closed his eyes to the sight, afraid the erotic show would prove too much for him. He tried to ignore the growing moans and pleas for more that poured from Amon’s lips, but it was impossible. A bright light appeared, so bright, he could see it behind his closed lids.

Look at me.

The whispered words in his mind frightened him. He opened his eyes and met the god’s stare. The fire of the sun burned there again and threatened to singe everything he gazed at. Heat swept over Maal, and his cock grew even harder.

The light grew, circling Dag-ra. He pumped his hips into Amon, all while holding Maal’s stare.

Maal felt tingles all over his body. A tightness grew deep within, and he felt something growing.

Dag-ra roared, the very building shaking around them from the colossal sound of it. Maal’s body tightened, and he felt an explosion. He came, his hips jerking involuntarily. A moan rose from his lips, but was drowned out by the echoing sound of the god’s fierce cry.

And then the light was gone.

Dag-ra stood over Amon’s limp body, his still hard shaft swaying between his thighs as he looked down at the thief. What appeared to be golden seed slid from between Amon’s thighs and also dripped from the head of Dag-ra’s cock.

Come to me, Maal.

Dag-ra again met his stare, a smile crossing his lips.

If the god had been able to speak into his mind, did Dag-ra know he’d come? Heat spread across his face as he felt the wetness at the front of his pants. He lowered his stare before spreading his hands to cover the spot, afraid it might be seen.

Come to me.

Maal whipped his head up and saw the lust in the god’s blazing eyes. His body still throbbed with need, to have this male inside him. He felt every muscle tighten with the need to step forward and bow to his god. But he fought it.

An angry frown crossed Dag-ra’s face before the male disappeared.
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