Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Spotlight - Guest Author Hayden West and The Prince's Mate

Welcome Hayden West back to my site for another Sunday Spotlight!

Hayden is sharing a bit from The Prince's Mate, a new serial gay paranormal romance...

In Alaska for a vacation, Zachary Adan, runs into a man who will change his life. All it takes is one night run on the slopes and everything he has known and believed is brought into question.

Chase often comes to this resort when he wants to get away from his responsibilities. This time, he meets his mate and understands why he was drawn back so soon.

During a night run, opposing forces attack them and sooner than he wished, he must reveal to Zach who he truly is; Prince Chamber Sept Mallo. Not only must he keep his mate alive so he can take his place on the throne, but he must also convince the man to stay with him for the rest of their lives.

Buy it wherever e-books are sold!

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Check out an exclusive first glimpse HERE
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