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Guest Author - KM Neuhold & Heathens Ink

Rescue Me (Heathens Ink, 1)

“Your life can change in an instant”~ Madden

I never thought a night out could change everything. All I wanted was to dance, drink, maybe take a cute guy home for a night of fun. I met the guy, but the night ended as a nightmare. Screams, and blood, and tragedy haunt my dreams. I'm alive and I owe it all to the gorgeous marine who refused to leave me for dead. But how can I start a new relationship when I'm not even sure who I am anymore?

“I'll always save you” ~Thane

After a long work week all I wanted was to let my hair down and to meet a nice guy. When I laid eyes on the gorgeous, tattooed man at the bar, I had to have him. I never would have thought the night could end in such horror. I saved his life, and I swear I'll save him as many times as I have to. Even if it means saving him from himself. 

**This is the first book in the Heathens Ink series in which every book can be read as a stand alone. 

CAUTION: this book is recommended for readers 18+ and does contain one scene of graphic violence that may disturb some readers. And, in case it wasn't clear from the description, this is an M/M romance, man parts will be touching.

I wake up in a cozy cocoon of sleepy happiness. I haven’t slept that well in weeks. I’m guessing I owe the good night sleep and full body satisfaction to the phenomenal orgasm. Although, the gorgeous man pressed up against my back might have something to do with it, too. Thane’s nose nuzzles against the back of my neck and he lets out a contented sigh and starts to trace little circles on my hipbone with his thumb.
“Morning,” I murmur, unwilling to even roll over and ruin this perfect moment.
“Mmmm, good morning,” Thane hums, trailing gentle kisses along my shoulder.
At least there’s no morning after awkwardness. However, I’m loath to have the ‘what does this mean’ talk. Maybe we can put it off for a little while.
“Will I be showing my hand too much if I ask what last night means?” Thane asks.
I let out a sigh and force myself to wriggle out of his grasp enough to roll over and face him. I wince as I shuffle around in the bed, putting too much weight briefly on my bad leg. Once I’m settled I lay my head back on the pillow and take a moment to get lost in Thane’s pretty blue eyes.
“I like you a lot,” I start and Thane frowns. “No pouty faces. It’s not a brush off, I’m stating a fact. I like you a lot.”
Thane relaxes a fraction and brings his hand up to cup my jaw, running a thumb through my morning stubble.
“I like you a lot too, Madden.”
Now comes the hard part.
“If this were any other circumstances you’d have to have me surgically removed in order to get rid of me. I’d be pulling out all the stops to make you my boyfriend.”
“But…?” Thane’s expression returns to wariness.
“My head isn’t on straight right now. I’m afraid that if we start something right now it’ll be doomed before we even start.”
Thane sighs and his eyes fill with a sad resignation.
“I know."

Going Commando (Heathens Ink, 2)
Coming June 6th, available for pre-order now!

“I never thought I could want anyone as much as I wanted Nash, then I met you”~Royal 

When I was sixteen I was afflicted with a terrible curse...I fell in love with my straight best friend. I never thought I’d move past my feelings for Nash and find someone who could love me in return, until the day a gorgeous marine plopped himself down in my chair and asked me to ink him. I’m falling fast for Zade, but my feelings for Nash are still very real. When life starts getting complicated and Nash speaks the words I never thought I’d hear, the only thing I want is for us to find a way to make this work...together.

“What if I told you, you'd never have to choose?”~Zade

I thought I’d stay in the marines for life, that was the plan. But after a traumatic event I couldn’t make myself re-enlist when my contract was up. Confused and unsure what to do next I called up my best friend for a place to stay. What I didn’t count on was my best friend’s boyfriend practically throwing a sexy tattoo artist at me to keep me busy. Royal is everything I’ve ever wanted and his roommate, Nash, is starting to grow on me, too. 

“A few weeks ago I thought I was straight. Now I'm sandwiched between two sweaty men. Can't say I do anything half-assed.” ~Nash

Of course I’ve noticed that my best friend, Royal is crazy good looking. I have eyes, that doesn’t mean I’m into guys. Although, when I start to notice that his new boyfriend, Zade, is pretty hot too, that makes me start to question things a little. Not to mention the dreams I keep having of the three of us together. I’m willing to try if they are.

**This is NOT a love triangle, just good old fashioned man-on-man-on-man love

**Every book in the Heathens Ink series can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s way more fun to read them in order.

If I’m being honest it’s not even jealousy. I don’t have the urge to march over there and stake a claim on either one of them or anything so caveman-ish. I want to kiss them, too. I want Zade to set Royal down when they’re finished kissing, grab me by the back of the neck the way he does to Royal, and pull me into a kiss of my own.
Yes, I want to kiss Zade, but I also want to taste Royal on his lips. Having one man without the other feels like only half of what I’m desperate for.

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