Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New Release: A Decision for One Bear (Bear Mountain, 20)

Bear shifters Ari and Nikos are attacked in the middle of the night, only to be saved by a group of shifters and taken to find sanctuary in Bear Mountain. Neither of them can believe a place like it could exist—a world apart from the human one where they can be free to be who they are.

It almost feels too perfect, and cynic Ari struggles to accept that Bear Mountain could be home…

Until the pair finds their mate amongst the residents.

Omega Cotton doesn’t want to believe it. He loves Dillon and has set his sights on having the male for his own. While Dillon is away on an errand for the alpha, Ari and Nikos press their case, confusing Cotton’s already raw feelings.

When Dillon hears the news that Cotton will be claimed, the bear loses his mind. Dillon lost his heart to Cotton, as well—but he knows the omega deserves happiness. How can Dillon ask Cotton to turn his back on his fate and choose him instead?

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Dillon looked at the touch screen of his cell and saw Tyler’s name. He was in no mood for his pain in the ass brother, so he ignored the call and went back to drawing the mock-up of the entrance gate. When the phone vibrated again seconds later and he saw Tyler’s name again, he shoved the cell back into his pocket.
By the third time, he wondered if there truly was some kind of emergency and ultimately clicked through to the call.
“This better be important,” Dillon snapped.
“You might want to wrap up that trip of yours as soon as possible, little brother.”
Dillon frowned. “Why’s that?”
“Cotton’s mates just showed up to town.” 
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