Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Re-Release of Chained to the Tiger's Bed by Kelex

As some of you know, I had a couple of books published with All Romance E-Books before they went belly-up and absconded with all our money.  Yeah, I'm still feeling pretty damned salty and putting a hex on that bitc...woman... every time I think about her.

So, for all of you guys who already purchased this book, thank you and NO, there's nothing different between this version and the last.  It simply needed a new publisher and a re-release for folks who might not have grabbed it the first time around.


When Dylan Howell is handed over to a ruthless tiger to pay his father’s business debt, he’s sure his life is over. He won’t be used and abused as a sexual slave to the shifter, no matter how much he craves Jameson Ravensworth’s touch.

Jameson knows the omega lion is his from the minute the male walks into his office. The money means nothing to him, not when something he desires more is offered up to him. What’s ten million to a multi-billionaire, anyway?

Dylan struggles to fend off Jameson and his wicked lusts. The lion soon learns the depths of Jameson’s dark delights as well as senses his own depravity. As his body is tormented, he grows closer to the tiger, but how can he fall in love when he’s owned body and soul? 

“I think I have been more than lenient as it is,” Jameson answered. If he didn’t collect on his debts, he would appear weak. While he had no need for the money lent to Xavier, he’d be penniless if he allowed situations like this to be ignored. Either he had the might to get back what was his or he lost all credibility.

“I will get your money to you. I need more time.”

“I’ve been listening to your broken promises for far too long. I want what’s mine. Now. Not later. You have until midnight tonight.” He paused, savoring the moment. “Or I take control of what’s yours tomorrow morning.”

“There is no way in hell I can get you ten million in gold by the end of the night.” Xavier frowned, his eyes moving back and forth in their sockets as if his mind sought for some solution to his quandary. “I’ll give you something in trade.”

“If you had anything that valuable, you would’ve already leveraged it to get the money you asked me for.”

“It’s not that simple,” Xavier huffed.

“So what do you have that’s worth anywhere near ten million?”

Xavier lifted his gaze. “My son.”

Jameson sucked in a breath, shocked the man would offer up his own son as repayment. “I do not trade in flesh.”

“My youngest son—Dylan—is an omega. You can hold him until I bring your gold to you.” Xavier blanched even whiter. “And use him as you see fit until I do.”

The words hung heavily in the air as Jameson snarled at the man.

When he’d first been brought into the world of shifters, sexual slaves were commonplace. Omegas had been treated as a commodity, fathers selling their sons and daughters to fulfill debts or make alliances within and outside their own prides. It went out of practice at the dawn of the last century, but was still known to happen on occasion.

Jameson had never before accepted a living being as payment nor would he. “No.”

“You must meet him,” Xavier said, walking to the door.

“I don’t need to—”

Xavier was whipped into a frenzy, not hearing Jameson’s words. He flung open the door and waved his hand to urge someone closer.

“Xavier, no,” he spat as Christof crossed the room to stop the man.

But it was too late. The young man was ushered into the office by his father. He lifted his pale gaze.

Heat slammed into Jameson the second their eyes met. The air was knocked from his lungs as his heart beat rapidly, thundering in his ears. Body tense, he had to sit down so as not to broadcast his thickening cock. Sitting was a sign of weakness. A growl rumbled up his throat as he eyed both men.

“Jameson, my son.” Xavier glanced at the young man. “Say hello.”

Xavier’s son frowned at his father, sensing something was wrong. He turned and met Jameson’s stare again. “Hello,” the omega said, his voice low.

Low, yet it still rippled down Jameson’s spine, spiking the lust growing within.

Christof turned and looked to Jameson.

One shake of his head and both men would be tossed from his office. He lifted a hand, stilling Christof.

Jameson stared up and down the omega’s body, tracing every detail he could see. The man wore a suit much like his father’s—off the rack, but well made. The dove gray color reminded Jameson of the morning jackets he’d once been fond of, a lifetime or two ago. A tailored suit would fit his lean body much better and allow Jameson a better view.

I’ll buy him suits to fill room upon roomfor when he’s not in my bed.

The thought shocked him to the core.

He drew in an unsteady breath as Xavier closed the door. The breeze of air crossed over the omega and made its way to Jameson. He drew in the scent. Unable to stop himself, he purred slightly. Heat flamed his face at the sound and it grew even hotter when he saw the slight hitch of Xavier’s lips.

“Perhaps he is worth ten million after all,” Xavier said in a low voice.

Jameson stared the man’s son up and down, knowing that, once in his grasp, the male would never leave. Thoughts were racing through his mind, thoughts he never imagined would come to him. He despised the practice of offered servitude, yet here he was unwilling to let the young lion escape him.

Whatever it takes.

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