Saturday, March 4, 2017

Damned Good Food: Lobster Mac and Cheese

A Facebook friend shared this recipe on her wall on the very day I'd planned to have steamed lobster tails for dinner.  Since I had everything for the recipe except one ingredient, it felt like it was meant to be... and after cooking it, I'm soooooo very glad she shared it.

OMFG, it was just that damned good...

Of course, all the cheese and pasta and cream (aka fat & carbs) isn't something I can have often, but it'll be a fun addition to the recipe box on occasion when we want something bad that doesn't break all my food rules.

*I did make a few changes to the recipe -- Instead of the cheddar/fontina, I used a bag of shredded colby jack I happened to already have and I omitted the goat cheese as a guest that night did not care for goat cheese.  Also, I only baked for about 17 mins, as the top was getting really brown/crisp versus the 20-25 it called for.
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