Friday, September 12, 2014


Le Cachot Level Three is coming Wednesday, September 17th,

As some of you are aware, level three is the medical suite, with medical role play, fisting, electro-play, as well as piercing and tattooing.  Creigh wants to please Gabriel and give him level three, but there's fear to contend with.  Medical play can be intense, and painful, and Creigh is just learning to enjoy the pleasures of pain.

Gabriel is confident his slave will enjoy the sexual play found there, he only has to convince Creigh to trust in his experience.

The two have a sensual journey as they explore before and during their trip to Le Cachot.

Have you checked out the companion guide to level two?  Be careful, it's NSFW! It explains some of the basics of medical play as well as what some of the upcoming levels will contain -- with hot pictures to illustrate exactly what you're reading about.

A more in-depth companion guide will be coming for level three, closer to release.  It will show some of the fun going on in the sex dungeon so you can fully appreciate the story.
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