Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It's here! 

With the Barbarian of Jenai barreling down on their stronghold, King Hurclues of Rastia does what any other greedy monarch would do. He offers his youngest son up as a slave for the infamous warrior, hoping it will gain peace, or at the very least, it will give them time to secure their lands.

Prince Bastyan has no knowledge of his father plans. He’s pulled from the bed of his mistress and dumped naked into the barbarian’s tent, chained, gagged, and bound.

Antos, the dreaded Barbarian, had already planned to take the handsome prince as his sex slave when he destroyed the city. Only now, he’s offered his prize without warfare, with an offer of allegiance and more riches than he can imagine.

Riches be damned. All Antos wants is Bastyan’s surrender.

Check out the NSFW Companion Guide HERE

Check out me geeking out and making a map of Aurelia HERE

I'm already nearly done working on book two, which will be out very soon!  I hope you enjoy this new series as I am super excited:)

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