Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Coming June 11, 2014 - Enter the Abyss

Coming June 11th!

Self-titled geek Lex Brooks spends his days working long equations, working on his doctorate, and sharing his lab with his crazy inventor and roommate, Maggs.  Maggs sets him up on the blind date of all blind dates—with one of the hottest guys Lex has ever laid eyes on.  He immediately knows he’s out of Brynn’s league, but what he later learns is he’s out of Brynn’s galaxy.

Brynn’s been an alien refugee for thirty years and needs Lex’s brain know-how to get him and his fellow refugees back home.  Maggs thinks Lex might need a push of the sexual variety to get the equation they need out of him, so Brynn comes to the rescue.  If one night might get the sexy mathematician’s brain to work better, why not?

But when Brynn realizes that Lex is also his mate—and not just his mate, but his twin’s, too—he realizes Lex needs to go for a joyride across the universe.  Brynn tugs the human through the wormhole Lex’s math unlocks—so he and his brother can claim Lex forever.
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