Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Release: Enter the Abyss

Self-titled geek Lex Brooks spends his days working long equations, working on his doctorate, and sharing his lab with his crazy inventor and roommate, Maggs. Maggs sets him up on the blind date of all blind dates—with one of the hottest guys Lex has ever laid eyes on. He immediately knows he’s out of Brynn’s league, but what he later learns is he’s out of Brynn’s galaxy.

Brynn’s been an alien refugee for thirty years and needs Lex’s brain know-how to get him and his fellow refugees back home. Maggs thinks Lex might need a push of the sexual variety to get the equation they need out of him, so Brynn comes to the rescue. If one night might get the sexy mathematician’s brain to work better, why not?

But when Brynn realizes that Lex is also his mate—and not just his mate, but his twin’s, too—he realizes Lex needs to go for a joyride across the universe. Brynn tugs the human through the wormhole Lex’s math unlocks—so he and his brother can claim Lex forever.


Hale looked over his shoulder at his brother. Thirty years had been much too long to be without his twin, but to have his brother return, along with their mate, was more than he could’ve wished. Hale returned his focus to the human standing there before him. He lifted a hand and grazed the back of it along Lex’s cheek. “I’m honored to meet you.”

Lex backed away some, his stare unsettled.

Hale could see the human’s response. His cock was hard, and his heart was beating fast. Lex’s pupils were dilated, and he’d also begun to sweat just slightly along his brow. Hale could feel the man’s desire. Why he backed away, Hale wasn’t sure. They were united now, and would soon be claimed. Their trek apart was over.

He took a step closer, inhaling the human’s scent. “I’ve waited so long for you.”

“I’m not your mate,” Lex said, his voice low.

Hale frowned. He’d spent so little time on Earth and hadn’t had time to research and learn as much as Brynn had. Of course, humans mated differently than his species, but the man couldn’t ignore his body’s desire, could he? Why did he fight the need?

“I can feel how desperately you want me to touch you. I can also scent my brother on you and know you’ve indulged some already.”

“But…we didn’t…not everything,” the human said, stuttering.

Hale smiled at Lex’s attempt to mitigate Hale’s anger.

Subconsciously, Lex was already his. He only needed to make the human see.

“No. My brother wouldn’t have done…everything…not without me there. But now that I am here, there’s no reason we shouldn’t claim you. And soon.”

Lex looked over Hale’s shoulder, staring at Brynn. Hale followed the stare and gazed at his brother, too. After a moment, Brynn broke Lex’s stare and glanced at him. Hale could see how lusty Brynn was. Brynn watched the pair of them closely, desire pouring off him in waves. Seeing Hale goad the human into a response was driving Brynn wild with need, just as wild as Lex was becoming. Returning to eye Lex, Hale grinned.

“If you’re looking for my brother to save you, it’s not in his best interest to interfere,” Hale said. “Can you see how much he wants you?”

“I don’t know you.” Lex stepped back again, but his back arched and his lips parted in an almost sigh. Lex wanted to be chased. Hale’s lips twitched with the need to smile in delight. He stepped closer to Lex again, closing the gap the man had made.

“Not yet, but you will.” Hale lifted a hand to cup Lex’s chin. He pulled up and forced Lex to meet his stare. “Give in to what you want. We want you just as badly.”

“You just met me. I have no idea who you are.”

There was no point pushing the mate issue. It wouldn’t benefit Hale or Brynn. Once they had the human, Lex would know his place. “I know what I want. Why bother waiting a second longer?”

Brynn closed the distance between them and stopped beside Hale. “Don’t scare him off. This isn’t how humans do things. Give him time.”

Hale smiled at Lex. “Am I scaring you?”

Lex shook his head slightly. “Y-yes. Just a little.”

Hale only smiled wider. “Scared because I’m aggressive? Or because you want our touch so badly you can taste it?”

Lex’s blood red face was enough of an answer for Hale. He leaned in and softly pressed his lips against Lex’s. The human’s lips parted slightly, and he let Hale spear his tongue inside. Hale took full advantage of the opening and tasted all Lex had to offer. Soon enough, Hale had Lex pushed against the outside of their old home, pressing his hard cock against Lex’s equally hard shaft.

Hale rolled his hips, his body already straining to be inside Lex’s body.

A distant bellow sounded and pulled Hale out of the moment. He’d not been thinking straight, too interested in the human. “We need to go. It isn’t safe here.”
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