Saturday, May 31, 2014

June 2014 Writing Update

Hi all -- I know my communication hasn't been as good here as of late.  I've been under the gun with deadlines for other projects and traveling a bit.  In other words, I am behind on getting words on the page.

Now things have cleared up for a bit, so I will be back with my nose to the grindstone, working to get some more books out to you as soon as possible!

I've cleared my schedule for the rest of the year, with what I had originally planned.  I'm still working on a new calendar, but I do have the next few books planned. 

You guys have spoken and I've heard you loud and clear -- you love the Sci Fi stuff.  So, I've started writing a new Sci-Fi series that I'm really digging so far.  Enter the Abyss will be coming soon.  I'm almost done putting the final touches on it, so it shouldn't be much longer, at all.

After that, I'll be diving into the final Fire Dragon story -- Khaos.  I'm excited to wrap up this trilogy.  But for those readers out there who've followed along with me on these books, I think you see that there's more to come.

After Khaos, the plan is more of the new Sci-Fi series -- and I also have a new BDSM series in the works.  I feel like it's time to get back to my writing roots and go with some twisted, hot sex.

My publisher also has plans to get more of my books in print.  A print collection of the Wolves Series and the Planet X series will be coming sometime this summer.  I have a nook and a kindle, but there's still something pretty awesome about holding a physical book in your hand.

I better get back to it -- I've got a lot of words to write to get caught up.

Thanks for reading, guys!
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