Friday, May 23, 2014

NOW AVAILABLE - Falling Overboard

Sorry I haven't been sharing as much on my blog recently - I've been seriously under the gun.  But here's a quick shout to let you know about my new release.

It's a return to some of the intense BDSM I've written in the past -- all packaged up and ready for summer.

No worries -- the Sci-Fi is making a return.  More news on that soon.

Accidentally homeless, without a new gig on the horizon, dancer Caleb Gaines knows something has to give. When his best friend suggests joining her on her new job dancing for a cruise line, Caleb rebels. But the opportunity for a place to lay his head, to feed his belly, and to have a steady paycheck doing what he loves is just too tempting.

Once he lands the job, he meets VP Jason DeMarco, the son of the CEO and falls head over heels for the magnetic man. Jason takes one look at Caleb and knows he wants to lay claim to the gorgeous dancer.

After one night in his bed, Caleb runs. Their night was too intense, especially given the dark needs Jason has and the demands he puts on Caleb’s body.

Luckily, Jason has enough chains, cuffs, and paddles to punish his slave for walking away from his master.

Warning: This 30,005 word gay erotic story has adult themes including BDSM, Bondage, Paddling, Submission, and Toy Play. It is intended for an adult audience.


Jason set the phone down and settled his feet on the floor, leveling an intense stare at Caleb. “Ready for that tour?”

Caleb nodded, his nerves getting the best of him again. What the hell is wrong with me?

Jason stood and walked to his door, opening it and urging Caleb to exit first. As soon as Caleb approached, he could smell Jason’s cologne, mixed with the scent of clean, musky man. It did things to his brain—and other parts of his body as well.

“We’re going to one of the restaurants first. Hope you’re hungry,” Jason said as he pulled the doors closed and locked them.

Caleb waited for Jason to move, as he wasn’t exactly sure where he was going. “Famished.” Oh, he was hungry, for sure. But it really wasn’t for food.

Jason began walking down the hallway, his stride long. “Good. The chef wants me to try the new menu he’s planned. The man’s a genius, so I pretty well let him do his thing, but he wanted me to at least try them. I figured we could sample them together.” Jason looked to the side, his lips quirking up a little.

That smile continued to do things to Caleb’s cock. “Sampling delicious things sounds wonderful.”

Jason chuckled and grinned at Caleb.

Once the man looked ahead, Caleb shook his head. How corny can I be? There’s flirtation and then there’s just trying too hard. Calm down.

Caleb rubbed his sweaty palms over his thighs and followed Jason outside. The sun was almost done with its descent, and everything glowed in a warm, rich orange shade. Water lapped at the edges of the ship, the sound soothing. Caleb needed that in his current state of arousal.

Jason moved to the railing and looked out at the water and the postcard-perfect sunset. “No matter how many times I’ve seen that view from the side of the ship, I can’t seem to help myself. There’s something awe-inspiring about the sight.”

Caleb stepped up to the railing and gazed out. It was beautiful. And there was something very peaceful about standing there, the warm ocean breeze running over his body. “It is lovely.”

“Sunrise is almost as nice. I get a nice view of it from my room nearly every morning,” Jason said.

Caleb laughed. “My room doesn’t even have a window.”

“Caleb, I’m known for my bluntness, and sometimes it gets me in trouble. Others find it refreshing, so I’ll just put my cards out on the table and see where they land.”

Caleb turned to face Jason, his brow furrowing. What was Jason trying to say? “Honesty isn’t a bad thing.”

“Good. I’m glad to hear you say that, because to be honest, I’ve lived the last few years on a ship and my flirtation skills are downright rusty.”

Caleb smiled. “Okay.” It was nice to know Jason had been flirting, or attempting it, rusty or not. It did make things much easier than continuing the guessing game.

“I think you feel a pull toward me, just as I feel toward you.”

Caleb nodded, wondering where this was leading. “I do.”

“While fraternization is frowned upon, it happens often on ships. Close quarters and all,” Jason said. “I’ve done well to keep to myself the last few years, but suddenly find myself in a spot where I don’t want to hold back.”

Caleb felt the full weight of Jason’s stare, and a tremor raced through him. He loved to flirt and play the game, but there was something to the stark honesty that was getting him just as hot as any flirtation he’d had before. “So what do you plan to do about it?”

Jason glanced down Caleb’s body from his head to his toes, and then back again. “After we eat, and I show you some of the ship, I’m going to show you my room.” Jason turned his body completely to face Caleb. “Would you like me to show you to my room, Caleb?”

Caleb nodded, his smart mouth suddenly very dry. “I-I would.”

Jason smirked. “Good. And once there, we’re going to get to know each other a little better. A little more intimately. If you’re in agreement.”

“Yes,” Caleb said, his voice deeper than he could ever recall it being. “Yes, I’m in complete agreement.”

Jason watched Caleb closely a moment. “I have darker passions. Is that something you’re willing to explore?”

Caleb froze a moment, not sure exactly what Jason meant. He had an inkling, though, and he was more than willing to see where Jason wanted to lead. “Perhaps,” Caleb said, not exactly sure what he was agreeing to. But he wasn’t ready to tell Jason DeMarco ‘no’ to anything. Not until he caught a glimpse of what he was up against.

Jason lifted a palm, motioning for Caleb to move. “Then let’s eat so we can get on to the best part of the evening.”

Caleb turned toward the direction Jason motioned and felt his stomach flip-flop. He’d never experienced a man quite as direct as Jason. Under normal circumstances, he’d have probably blown off a guy who came on that strong without spending any time to truly get to know him, but Caleb was willing to forgive it in Jason for some reason. Maybe it was the magnetic pull he felt, and the fact his libido had been screaming from the moment he laid eyes on Jason.

It would be an interesting evening, for sure. The will he or won’t he was no longer there. No doubts hovered over their night. Caleb knew he’d end up in Jason’s bed.

But would he also end up tied to it as well, or were there other dark pleasures Jason enjoyed?

That was enough to keep Caleb on the edge of his seat all night.

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