Monday, April 28, 2014

What's Up Next?

Good question.

I started on a new piece and it's just not screaming at me.  I don't like putting something out just to put it out.  I prefer to enjoy what I write, so you'll enjoy reading it. 

Wondering if I should go back to the schedule and look over the plans.  Maybe do some shifting and rearranging.

Khaos is definitely coming soon, but I think something different needs to come between to break up the dragons a little.

That new piece was supposed to do that.  I think I need to set it aside and let it percolate -- and try my hand at something completely new and let it ride.  Who knows where I might end up.

And the Bears in Bondage...well, they're yelling for me, too.  I never did complete their story.

We shall see...
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