Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NEW RELEASE -- Crash Landing

**Update 2** Amazon has finally come through -- the link is below!

**Update** -- there seems to be a problem on Amazon getting this book to sale.  What should have taken less than twelve hours to upload is now at twenty hours and counting.  The links below for All Romance and Smashwords have Kindle files available for sale.  I don't have an ETA for the book on Amazon as of yet, but will update as soon as I get more information.

Crash is finally here to tell his tale. 

Captain Kaden “Crash” Saunders is charged with leading a dangerous rescue mission to Alpha S, a dangerous planet on the other side of an intergalactic wormhole. Once they arrive, the electromagnetic field surrounding the planet causes his ship to crash.

Alpha S has been off-limits to the Federated Navy and its ships for years—all because of an eerie evil nemesis, the Xinthpats, who are overly fond of human blood. The Xinthpats have killed every human to step foot on Alpha S, but Crash is determined his men won’t be among that number.

Crash’s best friend is snatched by the enemy and Crash will stop at nothing to find him. A trio of sexy, purple vampiric aliens steps up to help, if Kaden will submit to them and allow them to claim his body completely.

Crash is shocked by his reaction to their touches—and their bloodlust—which makes him lusty and yearn for more. But he has to see through his desire long enough to save his best friend and the rest of his crew.


Crash looked up at the large male, fear pushing him to the outer limits of his strength. He pushed against the great wall of muscle, unable to move the being at all. The alien looked like a blue barbarian. His muscled chest was exposed, except for the furred mantle he wore around his shoulders. A flowing cape drifted behind him, the breeze casting it around him. Dark leather pants covered his lower half. A sweet scent flowed from his body, captivating Crash, luring him into calming. But when Crash saw his incisors drop, he knew it was a moment of kill or be killed.

“Ki, panta oon. Fa vet ar goona ze fa coop ar tooma.”

Crash looked up at the male, the gibberish he spoke meaning nothing to Crash. The alien forced Crash’s hands down even harder and leaned over, sinking his massive teeth into Crash’s neck. Crash screamed as the first bits of pain sliced through him. With each subsequent pull at his throat causing more and more pleasure to ebb through his body, he stopped screaming and could only focus on the sensation of the male’s lips and teeth on him.

His cock was hard as a rock in an instant, his heart thrumming in his ears as he grew closer and closer to orgasm with each deep drink the male took. Crash closed his eyes and let the desire roll through him. He didn’t want to fight the male any longer. Right there in the middle of the woods, Crash wanted the alien to fuck him.

Nothing else mattered but having the male pounding inside him. Crash could feel the alien’s hard cock against his thigh and his own reacted in kind. If the male would allow it, Crash could roll over onto his stomach and offer himself and his body. He had to get that hard cock inside him.

Crash jerked under the male, trying to fight for his own mind. He was there for Tripp. He needed to find and save Tripp. Nothing else mattered but his crewman, not fucking some alien savage out in the middle of the woods.

But those lips felt so good on his neck. It wouldn’t take long to submit to the male; they could be done in minutes, especially as excited Crash already was. He rubbed his body against the hulking male and ran his open palms along the male’s massive shoulders. Only a moment, he’d succumb for only a moment…
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