Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Born to Stand Out Toy Gear Guide

In my most recent novel, Born to Stand Out, UNICORN PLAY is featured! What's unicorn play? Pony play with a lot more rainbows and glitter! Oh, and a horn.

Since my last pony play story—which was almost a decade ago—a lot has changed in the world of pony play gear! I was amazed at how many awesome items were available, some of course, thanks to many cosplayers and folks who create items with them in mind, as well.

I know some of you might not be as familiar with the tack and gear that Matt wears, so here's a few photos from my research that helped develop the story. Remember, his might not be exactly like the images shown, but they helped guide what I was envisioning.

I wish I could share an image of the plug with a shaft in it with room for anal sex WHILE wearing it. Mr-S-Leather out of San Francisco had one on their site way back when (and I included it in another BDSM story I wrote years ago...) but they don't seem to have it, nor can I find one exactly like it. It DID exist (without a pony tail) at some point in history, though.

I will also add that I'm just a writer, sharing a little bit of her research. I am NOT an expert on pony play by any means. If you're interested in learning more about the pony play community, I suggest you start at this site:

The Boots

Hooved Boots for Pony Play
via Furry Fantasy

The Gloves

via Fetish-Pets-Store

The Bridle

via Leder Gummi Studio

The Harness

via Porthos Stable

The Mask

via Etsy

The Plug

Via Dallas Novelty
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