Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Out Tomorrow!! Born to Stand Out

Born to Stand Out

A Pride Pet Play Book

by Kelex

Afraid to be vulnerable, Matt keeps his kinks under wraps. A traumatic confrontation left him with deep-seated scars he’s not sure will ever heal. As a new relationship evolves, the worries only mount. Will he be once again deemed a freak and lose the daddy of his dreams? 

Every time Jack asks Matt to open up, he hits a brick wall. He’s determined to make their relationship work but doubts he and Matt want the same things. Their relationship can only grow with honest, loving communication—in and out of bed. Is Matt unwilling to put in the work? 

A trip to Pride reveals a glimpse into what Matt truly craves. If Jack opens that door, will it bring them closer, or send his boy galloping for the hills? 

Born to Stand Out is part of the Pride Pet Play 2023 multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not check them all out? If you like playful pets who are sometimes naughty, Pride parades, and Daddies who love their boys unconditionally, you’ll fall in love with our pack!

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