Saturday, April 8, 2023

Arriving April 14 2023 - Three Alarm Heat

Three Alarm Heat

Alphas of the Western Provinces, Book 3

by Kelex

Harrison Walker watches the world burn—for a living. Currently, the province’s only fire investigator, he’s kept busy, particularly by a serial arsonist leaving a trail of destruction through one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Fort Seattle. When a local artist’s studio is torched, Harrison finally gets a break in the case. 

Only, is it their arsonist, or a targeted attack by a copycat?

When Tanner’s studio burns, Raimy Kellam does his best to support his best friend. He inadvertently becomes the only witness to have potentially seen the pyromaniac, which thrusts him into Harrison’s life… where Raimy senses their bond.

Only, Harrison already has someone in his life.

Cassidy Springdale has spent nearly a decade loving Harrison—always knowing his alpha’s omega could be around any corner and their love affair would end. When Raimy arrives in their lives, he must decide if he’s going to walk away or fight for the man he loves.

Only, what right does a beta have to come between fated mates? Harrison’s torn between love and instinct—his beta and an omega—all while trying to save their province from burning down around them.


This 106,000 word gay romance is filled with heat, heart, family, and a touch of violence. No main characters were permanently harmed in the writing of this story.

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