Friday, June 5, 2020

No More Coffee Addiction -- Let's Have Frisky Friday!

I quit ALL caffeine back in February -- and I had a massive habit. Two - 20 oz cups of coffee in the morning along with lots of hot/cold black tea for the rest of the day. Thanks to some kidney stones back in February, I had to lay off coffee and black tea for a bit, and subsequently kicked the habit. I pretty much only drink water, decaf green tea, and Diet ginger ale these days...

Seems kind of rude to continue posting coffee memes and pics when I no longer drink the stuff, but I know how much you guys like good looking men... so I'm sharing my "Frisky Friday" posts I started in my Facebook group here, too. (And I'll possibly add a pic or two that's too risqué for Facebook to add along with them...)

Have a Frisky Friday!

And enjoy a little Allen King... :) 

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