Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Coming June 12, 2020 - His Stepdad Wears Leather

It's almost here!

Just a few more days!

His Stepdad Wears Leather
(A Daddy Tales Book, 2)

June 12th, 2020

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited Exclusive

Running from his deeply conservative, religious parents, Noah Butler boards a bus to cross the country, praying the birth mother who abandoned him will open her arms in welcome. Once he steps off the bus near midnight, an aggressive stranger has him running for his life. Noah finds safety at the Village, a gay nightclub—the only place nearby open at that hour. 

Luckily, he still has that fake ID his best friend got him… and he looks older than eighteen. Inside the walls, he would be Christopher John Douglass and twenty-two—and he’d celebrate his birthday with the hot guy behind the bar. If the handsome bartender succumbs to his appalling attempts at flirtation.

Brody Preston takes one glance at the new guy in the Village and wants to know his story. There’s something about Chris that intrigues him. Brody can clearly tell the guy is running from something. His protective instinct screams within—but that’s not the only thing that sets the guy apart. It’s also the inexperienced seduction Chris attempts that has him charmed.

When Noah realizes the bartender is the bar owner, he realizes he can’t come clean about who he really is. One-night becomes a week-long affair that ultimately ends when there’s too many questions Noah can’t answer. Again, he runs…

But this time, he runs right back into Brody… because they have a past binding them together. A past neither of them comprehended.

Be prepared for a sexy younger man and his loving daddy, with a little touch of lingerie and BDSM in the mix -- this 73,000+ word Daddy Kink book is a mix of erotic heat and romance!
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