Thursday, October 24, 2019

The pic that got me a Facebook Violation

So, I SCHEDULED a post in my Facebook group... and before it even made it to see the light of day, I got my hand smacked and a content violation. The fact that it was a scheduled post means no one reported it. It completely falls on the hands of FB content reviewers.

So, a guy in see-through panties with his hand covering his junk isn't permitted (yeah, there is absolutely NO nudity in this shot, he's completely covered up.)

But non-fact checked lies in political ads are okay.

That's pretty well on-brand for Facebook.

It's getting to the point I almost don't want to be on Facebook anymore. I hate to lose those connections I've made, though... but much more and I might need to be out.

So you want to see the picture that got my hand slapped (along with another message telling me to clean up my act or lose my group...)

Well, here it is...

Terrible, right?

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