Saturday, October 12, 2019



I know.

You guys want Avery and Wilder.

Me, too!!

I recently re-read His Surrogate Omega, trying to fuel the muse.

And nothing came.


You have no idea how frustrating that it. (I guess you sort of do...  I'm sure there are some of you just as frustrated that there's no book.)

Avery's story was SUPPOSED to be the first book in that series. I abandoned that idea when I realized Gray's story HAD to be told first. I THOUGHT I knew where Avery and Wilder were going, but then moving Gray to the front of the line shifted everything and now, I'm not sure if their story is still the same as I originally saw it.

I have 40,000 words written already. (His Surrogate Omega was 108,000 words, for comparison -- so almost halfway)

But honestly, I think I might start over from the beginning and try again with a blank slate and no preconceived ideas.

Yet, the first chapter is where Tulla and Avery meet for the first time and I honestly can't seem to let go of that scene. It's powerful, and the thought of losing it kills me.

I wrote His Stepson Wears Lace and now I'm writing another new story. I'm not abandoning the Omegaverse, just trying to blow out some creative cobwebs and give myself a break from that world for a bit.

Once this story I'm working on is done, the plan is to go back to Avery and Wilder and pray my muse is on board.
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