Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sunday Spotlight - Yuki Edo and Sakura Towers

Welcome Yuki Edi back to Sunday Spotlight. She's here to share a bit from her recent re-release -- the Sakura Towers collection. Three books in one, and it's available on Kindle Unlimited!
Sakura Towers is an apartment complex in Tokyo that caters to the needs of young professionals. This series chronicles the lives and loves of many of its residents.
Welcome to Sakura Towers, where fantasies come to life.
Yaoi Dreams
Seto and Kaname have been secret lovers for a year, and Seto knows that Kaname wants them to stop hiding. He loves Kaname, yet he can’t stop worrying about what his family and co-workers will think. What Seto doesn’t know is that his lover has a plan to get everything he wants, and Kaname won’t let anything—not even Seto—stop him from having it all.
Special Delivery
Ryu has been delivering packages to Ichiro for months now, and he’s finally worked up the courage to flirt more openly with the warm and friendly older man. A chance meeting escalates their relationship, and soon Ryu is living out his fantasies of having Ichiro in his arms.
They come from different backgrounds, and their schedules are often in conflict. Ryu worries about these issues, though Ichiro shrugs them off. Can they turn this relationship into more than just sex, or will it only be a short-lived fantasy?
His Roommate
Hiroki’s new roommate is nothing like he expected, yet Dai is everything Hiroki’s ever wanted in a man. But Dai is in denial about who he really is and what he wants in life. Hiroki isn’t sure he has the strength to drag another man out of the closet.
But before long, Hiroki finds himself with more than enough strength to try. One kiss from Dai tells Hiroki the older man has been hiding from his own desires for far too long.

Even though it meant he would get home over an hour later than usual, Ryu still put off his delivery to Ichiro Murakami until the very end of his route. The incredibly handsome older man had been on Ryu’s route before, and Ryu had been very disappointed the day he’d seen moving boxes in Ichiro’s apartment. But then two weeks later he’d discovered that Ichiro had only moved a few blocks away to one of the new penthouses in Sakura Towers, so he was still on Ryu’s delivery route. He’d had a crush on the man for months, and despite the difference in their ages, Ryu had decided he wanted to take the chance and reveal his feelings.
If Ryu had come earlier, Ichiro would’ve still been at work, and then Ryu would’ve had to leave the package at the front desk. Ichiro ordered lots of merchandise online, so Ryu had a package for him at least once, sometimes twice, a week. He’d always tried to be extra friendly and accommodating, but tonight he had plans to be a little flirty. It could get him into trouble, but he couldn’t imagine Ichiro complaining about him. Ichiro’s laid back nature was one of the things Ryu loved about him. He often got through his day by fantasizing about being with Ichiro, imagining what it would be like to finally kiss him.
To hold him down and fuck him senseless.
Ryu sighed as he scanned the package and got out of his truck. He walked up to the building and entered the lobby, nodding to the girl at the desk. “Delivery for Murakami-san.”
She nodded back and then returned to her conversation with the security guard. Coming to the intercom bank, he hit the button for Ichiro’s penthouse. He answered within a few seconds.
“Ryu from Yama Shipping, Murakami-san.”
“Wonderful. Come on up.”
The intercom buzzed, and then one of the elevators to the far right opened for him. He walked over to it and stepped inside, his mind buzzing as he tried to think of conversation starters. Ichiro was always talkative and never tried to get rid of him. They’d once talked for almost five minutes. That wouldn’t be much if they’d met somewhere else, but it showed how warm and open Ichiro was. Ryu smoothed the front of his pants down and tried to push his more carnal thoughts away. He hadn’t gotten laid lately, his fantasies about Ichiro killing his interest in dating anyone else. The door opened, and he crossed the entryway to the penthouse’s real door.
It opened moments after he knocked, and he smiled as he held the electronic signature pad out. “I hope you’re well this evening,” Ryu said.
“I’m all right. Kind of tired.” Ichiro signed and handed the pad back. “How are you?”
“Ready to relax for the evening,” Ryu said. He spied a couple of packages on the table behind Ichiro and saw an opportunity. As he handed the package over, he said, “I’m hurt. Seems you’ve been cheating on me.”
Ichiro blinked, but then he turned and followed Ryu’s gaze. He laughed and said, “Ah, that’s all work. Brought by courier.” He smiled. “I’d never be unfaithful to the one who takes such good care of my packages.”
Hope filled Ryu as he met Ichiro’s gaze. “You work in publishing, then?” One of the packages had been opened, and it seemed to be a stack of identical books.
“I’m marketing director at Kodashi House. Those are for a signing tomorrow. The first twenty in line will get a special edition with bonus content, and we didn’t want them to get mixed up with the other copies, so I’m bringing them myself.”
“That must be fun. I’m a big fan of My Demon, if you don’t find that too hard to believe.” He’d purposely picked a Boys’ Love series he knew Kodashi House published. He hadn’t read the series in a while, but it had been the first to come to mind. He could always buy the more recent volumes and catch up if this sparked Ichiro’s attention.
“Really? The editor of that one lives in this building, actually. Perhaps I could introduce you some day.” Ichiro seemed to be eyeing him more closely now. “I don’t find it hard to believe you like it. It’s an intriguing and well-crafted series. I hate it when people are shamed for what they love reading.”
“I agree with you. Oddly enough, it’s how my mother found out I prefer men. My reading. She was a bit upset at first.” Ryu wondered if that had been a step too far, but he’d wanted to make it known he liked men. He likely wouldn’t get such a natural chance again.
Ichiro chuckled. “There are worse ways. My mother caught me, um … well, let’s just say I wasn’t allowed to have friends sleep over after a certain point.”
Ryu wanted to jump the man right then. The moment was just too perfect. “Wow. My mother would’ve had a heart attack.”
“Mine almost did. Embarrassed my friend so bad he ended our relationship and started dating girls.” He shrugged. “I don’t know how that went for him. He transferred schools the next year.”
“It can be hard to meet people. To avoid being judged here.” Quickly, he added, “Who’s having a signing tomorrow? I’ve never been to one.” He had to work his other job tomorrow as well, but he would have a few breaks during the day. It would be a chance to see Ichiro someplace besides the doorway of his penthouse. He didn’t expect the man to ask him out or anything just because of what they’d been talking about, but it didn’t hurt to try. He gripped the signature pad in both hands, trying to contain his excitement at learning that Ichiro liked men, too.
“Takahiro Kino. It’s a brand new shoujo series that just launched. We’ll be in Nanali Books at lunchtime, eleven to two.”
“Ah, I’ll probably be working all day, but I may be able to swing in.”
Ichiro looked at his watch. “It is late. They really keep you going.” He backed up. “I’ll let you get going so you can get home.”
Ryu wished he’d said something else, something that would’ve kept the conversation flowing, but he didn’t want to push his luck. If he managed his time well, he could stop in for the signing tomorrow. That would have to do—for now. He nodded. “Good night, Murakami-san.”
“Good night.” Ichiro smiled and closed the door.
Ryu sighed and walked back to the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, he adjusted his pants. Looking down, he rubbed his palm over his erection, willing it to calm down. At least he could hold the bulky signature pad in front of him in the lobby if he had to.
His plan had gone well enough, and he’d learned more about Ichiro than he’d expected. As soon as he was safely back in his truck, he pulled out his phone and went to Nanali Books and a few other bookstores online to sign up to be notified of author events. As marketing director, Ichiro might be at most of them, as he would be tomorrow. New fantasies began to form in Ryu’s mind as he drove back to work and checked in. He couldn’t wait to get home to relieve the ache he was beginning to feel.

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