Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Spotlight - M.A. Church and Night's Fall

Welcome M.A. Church back to Sunday Spotlight! She's sharing her recent release - Night's Fall.


Things do go bump in the night.

Running from a tragic loss, worrying over a missing brother, and flustered about dreams he can’t explain, Michael James searches for a peaceful place to call home. A quaint little town on the Florida coast promises to be just what he needs to start a new life. 

Then myth clashes with reality, and Michael’s life is upended. Vampires, werewolves, and other magical paranormals prowl the city of Mystic Bay, his new home. 

And not all of them are friendly.

Clayton Night, a seductive, powerful vampire, desires more than Michael’s blood—he wants Michael for eternity. The mighty 
Clay Night has fallen, but can his love keep Michael safe from an enemy seeking revenge? 

As darkness closes in, Michael has a choice to make—a short mortal life or an eternity of love and danger?

Previously published as Darkness Awaits. This book has been revised and expanded considerably from its original version to alter both characters and plot events to enhance the reader’s enjoyment

Michael shivered, scowling at his reluctant shaft. “Come on, come on, come on.” 
Any other time his bladder would’ve been more than happy to oblige him, but since he was in a rush to get back before he missed anything good, the damn thing was being all shy and stuff. Plus, it was freaking cold in there. Why did movie theaters dothat? 
Then the bathroom lights flickered and went out.
Michael, his cock still in his hand, jumped. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
Fortunately, there was enough light coming underneath the door so he could see somewhat. Why did this shit always—
The hair stood up on the back of Michael’s neck. Shit!He’d experienced that enough lately to know something bad was about to happen. He needed to get out this bathroom, pronto. 
Before he could stuff his cock back in his jeans, cool fingers wrapped around his shaft as another arm banded across his chest. Fuck no.This couldn’t be happening. No way could this be happening again.
“Now, now. I would advise you not to move, my lovely little human.”
Once more he found himself trapped in a steely embrace. Michael’s heart skipped, then pounded violently. This was like that nightmare—a body was pressed close behind, holding him tightly. Only this time the thing had its hand on his cock. His mind shrieked for him to run, but his feet were stuck to the floor. 
He looked down. A pale hand with black-tipped claws held his dick. Helplessly, Michael shook his head… as if that could wipe away what he was seeing. His breath stuttered in his chest. Fuck if he was going to move. That thing was holding a part of his anatomy he was rather fond of.
Unnaturally cold lips caressed the side of his throat. Revolted, Michael couldn’t stop the whine that climbed up his throat. 
“Time to face facts. This is no dream. Vampires exist, my pretty little human. I am as real as you are.”
He wasn’t dreaming. He knew he wasn’t dreaming, just like he hadn’t been dreaming that night in his condo either. 
“Oh God, oh God.” Michael gawked at the long black claws slowly trailing over his limp dick. “What… what do you want?”
“You’ll find out soon enough.” 
A fang brushed his neck, and Michael cringed. 
“I’m tempted to taste you, but no. Not yet. But soon. It won’t be long now, Michael.”
Oh fuck, it knows my name.He’d heard those words before, dammit, but this time they struck fear in his heart. The lights blinked, then came back on. Michael stood at the urinal, staring at his cock. 
“Hey, dude, you okay?”
Michael flinched and jerked his head up. A young guy, maybe a few years younger than him, had entered the restroom and was giving him an odd look. 
Panicked, Michael wildly glanced around. Where was the fucker? The lights were back on and as bright as when he’d entered the restroom. No one stood next to him. The only hand on his cock was his own. He glanced around again. Nope. Still no vampire to be seen—unless the guy stopping next to him was one. For some reason he didn’t think so.
“Huh?” Michael asked, dragging his attention back to the person speaking to him.
The guy nodded toward him. “You sure you’re okay? You’ve been stand there holding yourself and doing nothing for a minute or so.”
Oh good Lord, he had? 
“Do I need to go get help or something?”
Help? Ha! Unless the stranger had a vat of holy water, he didn’t think so. Would that even work?
Speaking of water… a stream of urine suddenly splashed into the urinal. Oh-kay. Nice of his bladder to finally get with the program.

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