Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Spotlight - M.M. Wilde (Morticia Knight) and A Hatchling for Valentine's

Welcome Morticia Knight back to Sunday Spotlight! I'm super excited about this story and can't wait to read it myself. She's sharing a bit about her new release writing as M.M. Wilde -- A Hatching for Valentine's...

* * *

What surprises await Vic and Kellan when their egg finally hatches?

Kellan’s new life in the magical town of Vale Valley is filled with more love and joy than he’d ever dared dream of. Even more thrilling is the new life growing inside the egg he and his Alpha wolf mate watch over night and day. When their hatchling still fails to appear after several weeks, Kellan fights his growing fears about the uncertainty of a swan mating with a wolf.

All Vic wants is to keep his beautiful swan omega and their egg safe. He’d despaired of ever finding the one who was meant for him, and he’ll do everything within his power to protect his true love and their baby. Vic might still be bewildered by nesting and swan cuisine, but whatever his omega wants, Vic makes sure he gets.

As Valentine’s Day draws near, Vic’s plan to do something special for their first celebration of the holiday doesn’t seem possible. The egg isn’t showing any signs of hatching and no one—not even the avian fertility specialist—knows why. Then, the last person they want to see makes an unexpected appearance.

Vic is about to discover how tough his sweet little swan truly is…

Note: A Hatchling for Valentine’s is the 8th book in Season Two of the multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small magical town open to everyone in need of love and a home. Each installment in the series can be read as a standalone, however, Kellan and Vic’s story is a continuation from Season One’s A Swan for Christmas. This mpreg romance novella features a swan and wolf who are fated mates and are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first tiny hatchling. So grab a box of chocolates, a glass of champagne and put your feet up and enjoy a sweet dose of smexy mpreg.


Kellan checked the ingredients for the elderberry cobbler he was making for Vic. The confection would go along with the brisket he already had in the oven and the green bean casserole that Skip, the restaurant’s chef, had shown him how to make. He wasn’t so sure about the goopy mushroom soup that came from a can, but Skip swore by it. Vic had eaten a pile of it at Thanksgiving. Kellan hadn’t felt as adventurous, so he’d downed two large bowls of cranberry sauce instead.
After setting everything he needed for the dessert to one side, he double-checked the temperature in the cabin.
Ninety degrees. Perfect.
Despite wanting to spend every waking minute on his nest, it wasn’t necessary—especially now that the soft patches allowing for growth were almost all hardened. He and Vic would have six hours to be together, as long as the cabin remained hot and the egg was covered with blankets. One important thing he hadlearned from Jonas, the swan shifter Dr. Arthur had put him in touch with, was that nesting wasn’t only about keeping the egg warm—it was about bonding with their unborn child. 
Kellan smiled to himself. He could tell it had made a difference in Vic. He’d never let on, but he would peek at Vic and their egg when his mate would take over the nesting duties, would watch him with their egg. Kellan still needed to learn more about Alpha wolves and what their behavior was like toward their young, but Vic was so sweet and loving with the egg, talking to their unborn child through the shell when he thought he was alone. If he’d thought his heart was full of love for his mate before, the sight of him with their hatchling-to-be had cemented his feelings.
The door swung wide and a cold blast of air followed Vic inside. He shook snowflakes out of his hair and beard, stamping his boots on the mat in the entryway to get rid of the powdery residue that still clung to his footwear. Kellan rushed over to greet him.
“Oh no, did the snow cut your run short?” 
The storm hadn’t been expected until much later. Kellan took Vic’s jacket from him to hang on the coat rack while Vic bent down to unlace his boots. He straightened, then toed them off, holding an arm out in invitation to Kellan.
“Nah. Skip had a date with a bear shifter and I wanted to get home to you.” He gave Kellan a kiss on the head as he embraced him. “And a little snow won’t stop wolves from running, trust me. It’s when it turns into a blizzard that it gets a bit dicey.” He gave Kellan a squeeze. “The night I found you lost in the woods I hadn’t planned to stay out very long. I knew it was gonna be a doozy.” Vic angled back to frame Kellan’s face with his palms. “I’m so grateful I didn’t change my mind about going out that night.”
Vic descended on Kellan’s lips, moving his mouth over them in a soft affirmation of his words. Kellan was grateful too. He would’ve been a goner if Vic hadn’t found him when he had.
More confirmation that fate was on our side.
Vic released him then stuck his nose in the air, sniffing. “That smells amazing.” He regarded Kellan. “Red meat. Did you need me to get you any fish? Or…” He pursed his lips in what seemed to be an unsuccessful attempt at hiding his disgust. “A frog… or other pond creature? I didn’t see any in the fridge.”
Kellan giggled at Vic’s expression. “No, I’m fine for tonight. I’m having yams and green beans. Plus, I’m making an elderberry cobbler for dessert, so I’ll have lots of that.” He’d set aside some extra beans for himself so he could eat them sans goop.
Kellan wrapped his fingers around Vic’s hand and led him across the living room toward the open kitchen of their small, pine wood cabin. “Will you tell me about your run while I cook? I want to hear some wolfy things.” 
Vic snorted as he followed behind Kellan. “Wolfy things?”
“Yeah.” Kellan dropped Vic’s hand to go back to his task. “I want to know more about you, about wolf packs and how all that works.” He glanced over his shoulder as he opened the bag of flour. “Plus, our baby will be half wolf, and I should be aware of what they need, what they’re like.”
Vic tugged at his beard. “Hmm. I guess I hadn’t thought too much about that. I mean, I know the baby will be part of me, but…” His eyes darted to the bedroom where their egg rested in the nest. “I guess I always think of them being mostly swan because of the egg and all.”
Kellan chewed his lower lip, setting the measuring cup down so he could face Vic. “Does it bother you? I mean, if that happened?”
Vic shook his head. “Gods, no. Even if the baby was all swan, I would still be over the moon.” His expression softened as he smiled. “I love you with all my heart, love your swan. How could it ever bother me to have a beautiful child just like his beautiful father?”
A sense of peace washed over Kellan. He might not have had love growing up, but he now had more than he’d ever hoped for. For the rest of his life, he’d be part of a realfamily.

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