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Deleted Scene - When Wilder Meets Avery

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MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD... if you haven’t read His Surrogate Omega, I recommend you don’t read this yet...


So, as I’ve said before, Omegaverse Book One was originally Wilder and Avery’s story. Gray, Rohan, and Jamie were secondary characters, but the more I wrote about their story, the more I realized they were the true stars of that show.

At that point, I had nearly 50,000 words written -- nearly half the length of book one. Frustrated, I sat the book aside for a couple of months. Then I came back to it with fresh eyes, trying to decide what stayed and what went.

I’d started with Avery just after his parents’ funeral, when he was coming to the realization that he needed to work to keep the family afloat... and when the idea of college had come to mind. I traveled through his purchase of the illegal scent blockers, him testing the system, applying for college, and getting his first part time job (at Jaymes & Associates, in the mail room) in the Alpha Quadrant.

And his first time coming face to face with Wilder.

Now, of course, we know that Avery met Wilder at the funeral and then later when Gray and Rohan were joined, so that scene I’d written with their first face-to-face won’t make it into book two. I hate pitching anything. I try to save anything I delete so I can attempt to use it somewhere else, but this one just can’t work elsewhere.

So here it is. UNEDITED and only somewhat fleshed out...

*Note that this scene occurs during the beginning of Avery’s freshman year, and yes, Vaughn was originally Vaughan, which I later changed in book one.

Copyright © 2018 by Kel Ex

Thirty floors above…

“Hey, you want to grab a coffee break with me, Mr. CFO?”

Wilder Jaymes lifted his stare from his computer to see his younger brother, Vaughan, leaning on his office door. He minimized the report he had open and faced his brother. “You just got in an hour ago and you’re already taking a break?”

“I wanted to spend some time with you before you end up the CEO and really don’t have time for me anymore.”

Wilder leaned back in his chair. “Cut the crap. Father isn’t retiring anytime soon.”

“No, but I heard him talking with papa last night. Papa would like father to slow down a bit more. All this hard work of yours has allowed father to spend more time at home—and now that papa’s had a taste, he’s hooked. He wants to travel… see the sites of the world. He brought up the possibility of father moving into the role of president of the company and getting someone to fill the spot as CEO.”

“Seriously?” Wilder asked, lifting a brow. He wasn’t ready for that. Not yet, but in a few years? He’d need to convince his father to drag his feet for a while. That job was his and his alone. A Jaymes had been at the head of the company for five decades and he didn’t plan on that changing.

Yet he didn’t want it handed to him.

He wanted to earn it.

Vaughan grinned. “The perks of living at home… and being the second alpha. I’m invisible. They say things as if I’m not right there in the room.”

“You’re not invisible.” He’d already recommended Vaughan take over his old position as Director of Finance. His brother was brilliant in any role… he might not be a nose to grindstone type, but he was savvy enough to fit into any spot he was put and smart enough to run the show in a matter of days by relying on the right people.

The problem was, Vaughan liked being the center of attention and he could be needy as hell.

“So says the older, wiser, CFO,” Vaughan said before sitting on the edge of Wilder’s desk. “Nepotism at its finest.”

Wilder cringed, his own misgivings being repeated back to him. “I earned my promotion, thank you.”

“You did. I’ll give you that. You work too damned hard, big brother. But you have to admit that you started off with more than a foot in the door thanks to your last name.”

“And you didn’t?” Wilder asked.

“Of course I did. But I own it.”

Wilder sighed. “Maybe that coffee break can wait.” He sat up straighter and pulled the report back up on the screen. “I have a lot of work to do.”

“Oh, stop,” Vaughan said. “Can’t I be a little bit jealous for two seconds?”

Wilder sighed and sat back in his chair again. “Is your two seconds up?”

“You’re a total tool,” Vaughan spat. “You need to get the stick out of your ass and relax.”

“I guess it’s not,” Wilder said, lifting a brow. He looked at his watch. “We’re up to ten seconds now.”

“No, I’m done. I’m done. All good. Got it all out of my system. For now.” Vaughan smiled widely.

Wilder chuckled, shaking his head. “I think papa dropped you on your head when you were a baby.”

“He likely did,” Vaughan said with a grin. “It would explain a lot about me.” He stood up straighter. “Coffee? I’m buying.”

“It’s a company coffee shop, asshole,” Wilder said, logging out of his computer.

His father had opened the coffee shop on the first floor as an incentive for employees to get to work on time. Too many late mornings were thanks to long lines at Star Horton, so they got one of their own in the lobby. Wilder rarely stopped in, unless it was to grab a plain black coffee. His brother, on the other hand, was an addict of the frilly frappucinos. They meandered to the elevator and Vaughan hit the call button.

“How’s the accounting department?” Wilder asked as they waited.

“Tolliver… there’s something about that man I just don’t like.”

Tolliver Hardwick was the accounting department supervisor and had been for a good amount of years. He seemed to rub a lot of people the wrong way—including Wilder. “He’s an odd one.”

“I don’t trust him,” Vaughan said. “I’ve been spending the last few days looking through the books… but everything looks in order. I can’t find any misstep.”

“I did the same thing when I moved to finance. Found nothing.”

“I’m going to keep a close eye on him… I just get this vibe, you know?”

“If you find anything, bring it to my attention.”

Vaughan nodded. “I hated accounting in university. I have no idea why father thought it a good idea to put me in charge of it.” The elevator doors opened and Vaughan slipped inside and turned to face forward. “I figured I’d neveruse it.”

They’d both graduated from Lyenna Alpha University with degrees in Business Administration and Management, at the behest of their parents. Both of them had been forced to take accounting classes, which Wilder hadn’t minded. He liked having a base knowledge of what the bookkeepers and accountants were doing with his family’s money.

Wilder moved in after him. “He wants us familiar with every aspect,” he said, lowering his voice as the elevator wasn’t empty. “We need to know how it works from the inside out.”

Vaughan nodded. “I suppose.”

They both grew quiet as the car traveled to the first floor. As soon as the doors opened, they walked out. Ten seconds later, Wilder crashed into a beta coming up from the stairwell and nearly sent the man sprawling.


The beta froze, his eyes widening as he looked up at Wilder. Wilder stared at the man… there was something… odd about him. He drew in a breath, the aroma… off. He wasn’t sure what it was about the man, but he was drawn.

My gods he’s pretty.

He had wide hazel eyes that were nearly golden. Dark hair shone in the overhead lights. His lips were perfectly kissable… and for some reason Wilder was tempted. Wildly tempted.

He’s a beta. A beta. Back off.

He’s not for you.

“Sorry,” the beta said, looking away. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“No problem,” Wilder said as he watched the young beta race away. He turned to Vaughan who stared at him oddly. “What?”

What was that?” Vaughan asked, smiling wickedly.

Wilder glanced at the employees streaming out of the elevator or on/off others before returning to stare at his brother. “He bumped into me. That’s all.”

“No. You’ve got a look.”

“A look?” Wilder said rolling his eyes. He walked on, heading for the coffee shop.

“You most definitely had a look on your face.” Vaughan said before leaning in closer and whispering. “You just scented a beta.”

Wilder shrugged. “I did not.” He had, but only because he’d sensed a weird… connection. Have I met that beta before?

“You can fuck them on the downlow all you want, but don’t let Father catch you pulling that shit right here in the building.”

“You’re one to talk,” Wilder said, eyeing his brother. “How many of the servants have you bedded?”

“Learn from my mistakes,” Vaughan said with a grin. “Father’s caught me in too many compromising positions over the years as it is.” He paused to open the door for his brother. “After you, Mr. CFO.”

“Quit it with that,” Wilder growled before walking in. he cast one last look over his shoulder, searching the foyer for the young, handsome beta before pushing the man from his mind.
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