Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Introducing Xander Kane -- with a NEW RELEASE! Night of the Dead is OUT NOW

If you were a fan of my early stories (The Master's New Toy... The Duke's Plaything... Bears in Bondage... etc) then you just might like Xander Kane.

Xander is my new nom de plume for writing erotica like I did early on.

And this first story is a fun, creepy, little Halloween tale with plenty of sexy fun.

After losing a bet with his friends while vacationing in New Orleans, Tig is forced to jump over one of the guarded cemetery walls and spend one hour in the dark amongst the dead. He's scared out of his mind. It being the night before Halloween doesn't help his nerves, either.

But Tig finds more than he bargained for inside those walls. He's not alone...

A group of men gather there for a ceremony of sorts... one that places Tig naked and on his knees before them. Before the night of the dead is over, he'll be claimed, body and soul.

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