Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sunday Spotlight - M.M. Wilde and Rescued by the Alpha

Welcome M.M. Wilde to Sunday Spotlight! They're here to share a bit from the new release, Rescued by the Alpha (Alaskan Wolf Alliance, 1). 

M.M. Wilde is the knotty mpreg romance alter-ego of Morticia Knight who loves all things strange and unusual.

When wishing for a new life, Elam finds out the hard way he should’ve been more specific.

A year in the Alaskan wilderness was supposed to help nature photographer Elam determine his next move. However, hitting his head and being rescued by one of the hottest men he’s laid eyes on in a while is not getting him off to a great start. Elam is starting over and staying away from sexy guys is part of his new regime. He has a career to nurture in addition to repairing his bruised ego after his rat of an ex cheated on him multiple times.

Nicolai is a rare, blue-eyed white wolf shifter. He’s also an Alpha and the expected heir to his pack in the Alaskan Wolf Alliance. Much to his father’s dismay, Nic has stepped aside as ruler and ceded his spot as future head of the pack to his younger brother. As a gay shifter, he’ll never be able to provide a biological heir and has no intention of claiming a female mate for the sole purpose of giving him a pup. Instead, he’s made a life for himself miles away from the pack in his own section of woods.

However, fate intervenes and puts Nic on a collision course with a human mate. While Nic’s wolf might be on board with the idea, Nic wants no part of it. Why would he want to get tangled up with the stunning Elam only to have his cold heart ripped away once Elam decides it’s time to leave Alaska for good? There’s also the small detail that humans know nothing of the existence of shifters.

When chemistry, love and the truth of what the growly Nic is blindsides Elam, he has some tough decisions to make. Does he let Nic turn him? Never go back to his old home? But the biggest surprise is yet to be revealed when Nic and Elam discover the new life Elam had hoped for is more than just his own—and that there are wolves who are frothing at the mouth to destroy it. 

Author’s Note:Rescued by the Alpha is Book One in the Alaskan Wolf Alliance series and features an Alpha and omega who are fated to have lots of steamy, knotty fun and to make beautiful babies together. This romantic tale with a dose of action and suspense does include some peril to Dad and baby. But, there’s a fluffy, feel-good HEA and we all know wolves don’t cheat, so no worries there!


Nicolai tore his gaze from the stranger on his couch, ignoring the blizzard that continued to rage outside, then returned his attention to the piece of red alder he’d been carving all morning. As he whittled away, the shape of a bear beginning to form out of the tawny, pliant wood, he found his eyes being drawn yet again to his unexpected guest. He frowned, muttering to himself—which had become an unfortunate result from living alone for so long—and pondered why the young man left him so unsettled. At least the enticing aroma that had drawn him to the man in the first place no longer made him loopy. It had become manageable, as though it was merely a part of him now. He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing.

Ever since the night before when he’d scented the gorgeous creature who had yet to awaken, he’d continued to be plagued by the fact that all was not as it should be in his quiet, shifter world. Even if his wolf had become almost giddy over the interruption to their peaceful life, Nicolai didn’t appreciate the disruption to his ordered existence, the unwelcome lure of something that went beyond the physical. Something dangerous.

And human.

The knife slipped, nicking the side of his thumb. Nicolai held in an aggravated growl as he slid off the table of rough-hewn pine where he’d been perched while he carved. He quickly set down the almost-bear to keep it from being stained by the blood seeping from his small cut. He doubted his sister would appreciate the gift of a bloody toy for his three-year-old nephew’s birthday. 

He traveled the few steps to the kitchen area, padding there in his bare feet so he could wash and dress his wound. Stupid. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d made such a blunder. Living a solitary existence in the Alaskan wilderness would be more dangerous if it wasn’t for his accelerated healing abilities. Still, he tended to be careful. He was hardly immortal, and he maintained a distance from his pack. Only his immediate family could convince him—on occasion—to leave the sanctuary he’d built for himself in his beloved woods.

Once he’d cleaned the cut then wrapped a small bandage around it, he returned to his perch. However, he didn’t continue his project. Nicolai rubbed the white scruff that decorated his chin, the color an acknowledgment to his genes rather than age. He was part of a line of rare Russian white wolves and in their pack, only he and his father sported the distinctive blue eyes not found in non-shifter wolves. 

The white strands of his hair had also confused many a lover over the years. It wasn’t as bad now that he’d crossed over the midway point of his thirties, but in his early twenties at the University of Alaska? It had been an ongoing conversation-starter. Since rare, white wolf hadn’t seemed like a wise explanation to give to humans—who were clueless about the existence of shifters—he’d played it off as a deliberate bid to convey an edgier look. 

I’d say this guy is about ten years younger than me.

Nicolai scrubbed his face at the realization he was staring again, aggravation gnawing at him as he again had the compulsion to wrap himself around the human, to keep him warm by holding him close, their limbs entwined, no barriers to prevent their naked skin from touching—

“Stop it!”

The angry words burst from Nicolai before he could prevent them from being spat out. He sucked in a sharp breath and held it as the man on the couch stirred beneath the pile of wool blankets Nicolai had re-tucked around him that morning. He rose to his feet again then moved toward the sleeping figure, his footsteps soft across the wood floor. When Nicolai reached him, he furrowed his brow, gazing at him carefully to see if his color had improved. The man’s eyes flew open, connecting with his.

Nicolai gasped, straightening as if he’d been prodded. So beautiful. The most amazing pair of amber-colored eyes stared up at him, then blinked a few times before the man’s forehead creased.

“W-what happened? Where am I?”

Even his damn voice is enticing. “Uh, I found you in the blizzard last night. You must have fallen because there’s a sizable lump on the back of your head.”

The man lifted himself on one elbow before groaning then falling against the sofa again. Nicolai’s gut clenched, and he reached for him, but snatched his hand back before he made contact. 

What the actual fuck is wrong with me?

His sister teased him for having a heart made of stone, but his bizarre behavior from the moment he’d first detected the scent of this strange human had him questioning his sanity—as well as pissing him off.

Nicolai cleared his throat. “Look, you probably have a concussion. I’ve been keeping an eye on you because we’re stuck here until this storm eases up, but you need to be careful. Rest. No sudden movements.”

The man had covered his eyes with one hand after his failed attempt at rising. “Yeah. I’m thinking that’s excellent advice.” He peeked through his fingers before pulling his hand away. “Thank you, by the way.” He took a seemingly cautious glance at his surroundings. “Is this…is this your place? You brought me here on your own?”

“Yeah.” Nicolai shrugged. “You’re lucky I happened on you when I did.” Smelled you from a mile away in a raging blizzard. Still can’t believe it.“This is one of the worst storms I’ve seen in a while. You never would’ve lasted.”

The man visibly swallowed. “Damn. Thank you again.” He quirked a smile at the corner of his mouth. “Helluva way for me to begin my sabbatical.”

The need to know everything about this man gripped Nicolai but he tamped it down. Whatever was churning inside him, whatever it was that had his wolf so worked up, could wait until the man was feeling better and he himself had better control. 

“So, uh, let me get you an ice pack for your head. I think you’ve warmed up enough by now that it’ll be okay.”

His unexpected guest’s features softened. “I appreciate it. I’m Elam, by the way. Elam Goldberg.” 

Elam extended his hand and without thinking, Nicolai accepted.

His wolf howled inside, loud and feral as an electric jolt of arousal shot through him from Elam’s touch, from the way his slender fingers curled around Nicolai’s palm, connecting them.

He gripped Elam’s fingers tighter. “Hello, Elam. I’m Nicolai Petrov. But you can call me Nic.” If he shifted at that exact moment, his eyes would be blazing with the inner flame he feared would consume them both. The certainty of what Elam’s presence in his life meant could no longer be denied. It might be crazy—was certainly impossible—but true nonetheless.

 I’m your Alpha, Elam. And you’re my mate

The wolf managed to sneak out a low, rumbling growl, Elam’s eyes widening at what had to be a puzzling sound coming from his rescuer.  

And you’re all mine.


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