Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Spotlight - Hayden West and His One

Welcome Hayden West back to Sunday Spotlight. They're here today to share a bit from His One, an interracial, paranormal gay erotic romance...

Everyone deserves someone to be his own

Treymont McCarthy knew who his mate was, had since the moment he met him. However, seeing what his new king had had to go through with his mate, he’d not wanted to do that. He’d been alone for so long, he would survive.

Danny Neal enjoyed life. He had plans but it was much easier to party and ignore any responsibility. When a shifter from his recent past shows up, he realizes there is more than just drinking and partying. There was also forever.

Theirs is a different relationship, but when it’s all said and done, will he agree to be His One?

Copyright © 2018, Hayden West

Chapter One

Treymont McCarthy killed the rogue Kodiak bear shifter with a final snarl of rage as he ripped out his throat. The creature fell instantly, blood staining the upper mountain snow. In many places spring was segueing into summer. Not up here.

Ears twitching for the slightest sound, he trotted away as if it was an everyday occurrence to be set upon by an animal more than five times his size.


Yes, Alpha?

He drew up short, as he’d arrived at an outcropping. Below there were some deer scraping the snow, hoping for a green shoot or two for nourishment.

Time to come in.

On my way.Even as he sent the communication to Chase, his Alpha, his best friend, his king, the wolf within him curled his lips in distaste. He was not made for the throne room. He was a warrior, not any good with the politics that played in the royal realm.

However, he would obey because that’s what he did. What he’d always done and what he’d always do.

He tipped his head back, a lonely, haunting howl pouring free. The prey below bolted, and he didn’t care about them one way or another. Eventually his call was answered by the wild ones. Pleasure rippled along him as well as the icy wind that moved his dark coat.

When the final strains faded from the air, he bounded away and headed back down the mountain to the palace.

Shifting before he arrived, he strode to the door with his smooth stride. He barely acknowledged the guards at the door or the few in the hall leading to the throne room. A wolf at the door scurried to swing it open so he never had to slow.

Trey stared up at the dais.

Chase sat there on the large throne, looking as if born to sit there. Which in a way he had been, but where before the new king hadn’t appeared all that comfortable there, now he did. He was at home.

Trey shifted his gaze to the seat beside Chase. Zach occupied that one. He didn’t look there long.

“You required my presence, Alpha,” he said after bowing.

He barely acknowledged Zach, not because he wanted to slight him but because after he had gone through his forced conversion, his wolf had a few wild streaks of anger and unpredictability within him. Zach understood and remained silent. There wasn’t any wish to provoke that creature into making his presence known.

“Come walk with me.”

Trey didn’t have any reason to speak so he waited for the man to whom he swore his allegiance to near. Executing a perfect spin, they walked the length of the throne room.

“You are away more often than not now, my friend. Is everything okay? I smell urus blood on you.”

“I’ve been patrolling the north end, dealing with the few remaining rouge bears who were part of the plot against you. I was confident that Harry and Victor were protecting you well enough. Did you need me to stay close?”

God, he hoped not. It was proving hard enough to be around the happy and in love couple but when you lusted after your king’s brother-in-law, that was bound to set off a slew of problems.

“No, I actually have an assignment for you. I need you to deliver a packet to the head of the Olver Clan, Panas Crouch, for me.”

Trey blinked and furrowed his brow. “The top clan of those in the Eastern Clans?”

“Yes.” Chase took a deep breath. “I have to begin repairing the damage my father and uncle created during their years.”

“I don’t need your reasons, Alpha. You ask and I perform.”

“Coming from anyone else and I would take offense,” Chase said with a smile. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Sure, just jacking off repeatedly to mental recollections of your mate’s brother.“Yes, Alpha.”

“Is this your way of telling me the old days have passed for good?”

“That changed the moment you found your mate.” The words were spoken without rancor. He had no jealousy or anger for Chance, only happiness. “Excuse me while I go get ready. It will be a long trip.” With one final bow, he let himself out of the room that used to be filled with gratuitous acts of sex and violence but now was silent and clean.

Showered and packed, he walked to the door and opened it to Zach lifting one hand to knock.

“A word.” A glance up and down the hall. “In private.”

Silent, Trey moved back into the room and closed the door quietly behind him, alert for the wolf to make an appearance. The man turned and put blue eyes on him, no sign of his wolf anywhere.

Another slight bow. “How can I be of service?”
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