Wednesday, August 22, 2018

NEW RELEASE: Past Lovers (In Bed, 2) by Kelex

Past Lovers
In Bed, 2

Five years ago, best friends Adam and Clay spent a drunken night together. Adam slipped from the guy’s bed before Clay awakened—and when nothing was said in the light of day—he thought maybe the secret was safe.

Only Clay’s girlfriend had been in the room… and she used her knowledge to blackmail him into helping her hold on to Clay. Even if they were totally wrong for one another.

Unable to let Clay go, Adam agreed. And so started his hell on earth. Close to the man who becomes his obsession… and yet never close enough.

When Clay’s girlfriend finally leaves him for another man, Adam finds himself off the hook…

And wondering if Clay knew the truth, if he’d lose his chance with his obsession… andlose his best friend in the process.

“God, you feel so fucking good,” Clay whispered beside his ear. “So… tight. I could fuck you all night.”
Clay’s deep, raspy voice did almost more to his desire than the cock in his ass. That deep, Southern accent, along with those strong hands gripping him tight… the feel of a man fucking him and using his body…
Of Clayfucking him and using his body…
His back arched and he came in a blast of emotion and sensation.
Adam’s eyes whipped open as he came, his hand sliding up and down his cock, milking every last drop. A roar came from his lips before he fell back into the twisted sheets.
Awaking to another dream of his night with Clay four years before, his cock in his hand, milliseconds from coming. He stared up at the ceiling, gasping for air, and trying to figure out why the dreams had been coming more often.
The memories hadn’t all came back to him, not all at once. Slowly, over the months that followed, he’d remembered everything, his mind uncovering it all in pieces while he slept. Four years later, and he still dreamed of that night from time to time. Why he still obsessed over it years later, he wasn’t sure.
Adam hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it. How it had felt. How goodit had felt. How much he wanted to revisit that night and try it again. For a while, he’d even wondered if he was gay. He’d checked out a few dudes at the gym, and he’d felt absolutely nada, yet the dreams had persisted. The only face that slipped into his fantasies was his best friend’s.
He’d had a hard time going back to the way they’d been after that one night. For a long time, Adam had always made sure not to be alone with Clay—they hung out in a group or not at all. He hadn’t trusted himself to be alone with the man.
Over time, that had changed. He’d kept their little secret so long that it felt almost unreal. There were times he wondered if he’d fantasized the whole thing. Slowly, life had gotten back to normal… maybe not completely normal, but close.
They’d graduated… and they’d both ended up working for Adam’s dad. Day in and day out… they were as thick as thieves, just like always.
Even with Melanie in the picture.
Adam had been the dutiful best friend. He’d sung her praises, talking Clay into going back time and time again—hating himself with each word out of his mouth. And he’d watched her sink her claws deeper and deeper—all because he couldn’t let Clay know the truth.

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