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Sunday Spotlight - Maggie Walsh and Fin (The Angel Pack, 15)

Welcome back author Maggie Walsh to Sunday Spotlight. She's bringing news about her recent release -- Fin (The Angel Pack 15) 

The battle the pack have all been waiting for since the first day Micah and Jesse met is now upon them. Their enemy, led by the god Hades, advances closer as even the world around them falls to total annihilation.

Jesse and Micah try to grasp the severity of the situation while still keeping everyone safe, but soon learn that that is not possible. The prophecy stated that they all must stand as one to face the final battle, but some of their allies find it hard to believe that they cannot join Micah, Jesse, and their family, and struggle with having to stand by and watch as those they love face their possible end.

Pulling on their love for one another in hopes that it will see them through, Micah and Jesse seek the gods audience once more, but it is not to ask for assistance as the gods believe. Jesse has come to them to make a request for something unexpected, should they stand victorious against Hades. With Aurora’s faith in them unwavering, Micah and Jesse step out onto the field of battle, along with those they love, and hold onto their faith that Fate knew what she was doing when she chose them for this task.

But as the battle ensues, many surprises are revealed, but a world of heartbreak shatters their resolve. In the end, will they stand victorious as they fight side-by-side with all their mates, or will Hades win and bring the world to its knees in darkness for eternity?

When all is said and done, the battle is over, and the smoke clears, only one remains standing, in a field of blood, but is it one on the side of good, or evil? Who will stand victorious?


With the uncertainty of what was to come, he was almost desperate to feel this connection to his mate. More than he had realized. Jesse writhed against Micah as he ran his hands down Micah’s powerful back, loving the feel of all his rippling muscles. Lowering his hands, he cupped Micah’s muscled ass and pulled him closer, then thrust his hips, rubbing his cock against his mate’s thick thigh.

“Shit. I gotta have you, baby. I need to feel you wrapped around me. I need to feel our bond,” Micah said, panting.

“Yes, love. Take me, claim me again, and let me get lost in you. In our love.”

Micah pulled the towel from around his waist as he pulled back from the kiss. He raised the towel and swiped it across Jesse’s face, taking all the shave cream away, then wiped his own face before dropping the towel to the floor.

Micah took hold of his globes and lifted him off his feet, then placed Jesse on the counter. “Lean back, baby.”

Jesse leaned his back against the wall and brought his feet up and spread his legs, resting his heels on the edge of the counter, as Micah quickly stripped. Once his mate stood before him naked, Jesse let his eyes feast on all of Micah’s golden skin and hard muscles. Gods he loved his mate’s body. It was pure perfection.

“Keep looking at me with that hunger in your eyes, baby, and this is going to be quick.”

Jesse shifted his gaze to meet Micah’s and gave him a sexy smile. He reached out a hand and ran one finger down Micah’s chest from collarbone to his navel as he said in a husky voice, “I can live with that. We don’t have much time right now anyway, but later when we get home, I want to spend a few hours licking every inch of this glorious body of yours.”

“Damn, baby. Maybe we can bow out and have a private party here,” Micah said as he moved to stand between Jesse’s thighs.

“I wish we could, but as you said, we all need this tonight.”

“True, but I need you more,” Micah replied.

“And you have me. So take what is yours, love.”

Micah leaned in and claimed his lips again. At the same time, Jesse could feel Micah moving around and heard a drawer open. He knew what his mate was doing. A moment later, a slick finger pressed against his hole and Jesse moaned. Micah quickly prepared him, sliding one finger after another inside him until Micah had four fingers thrusting in and out of him easily.

“Now, love. I’m ready. Need you where you belong. Inside me,” Jesse said breathlessly, gaining a growl from his mate.

Micah pulled his fingers free and a second later, Jesse felt the blunt tip of Micah’s huge, thick cock, that he loved so much, pressing against him. Jesse slid his hips down further, allowing his ass to hang off the edge of the counter, and Micah slid inside, filling him with one thrust.

“Fuck, yes!” Jesse cried out and gripped Micah’s shoulders.

Micah wrapped his arms around Jesse, pulling him up, and held him tight against his chest as he thrust up into him. Micah buried his face in Jesse’s throat, nibbling, kissing, and sucking. Micah’s hands moved down his back to his ass and lifted Jesse off the counter. He immediately wrapped his legs around Micah as he held on.

“Fuck, baby. So damn good. Every time with you, every day with you, is heaven on earth. I love you, my heart,” Micah said.

“I love you too, love.”

Micah continued to power into him, and Jesse bounced up and down on his mate’s long, hard cock, loving every inch, every thrust, as he moaned and panted. His head dropped back on his shoulders as he released a long moan. Micah licked his mating mark, and a powerful shiver of lust ran up his spine. He felt the sharp tips of Micah’s teeth on his sensitive skin, and a rush of need raced through him. He loved when Micah claimed him. He needed it.

A slight bite of pain hit his shoulder. Then his head swirled in euphoria as the pleasure overtook and wrapped around him, filling him. Jesse’s body bucked against Micah’s strong one. His orgasm shot out in a rush, exploding between them, and Jesse screamed his mate’s name. “Micah!”

Micah snapped his hips faster, harder, then his body went taut, and he gripped Jesse tighter. Jesse felt Micah’s release as he was filled with Micah’s hot seed. Micah said his name low against his skin, and it came out guttural on a moan, telling Jesse of the pleasure his mate felt in this moment, too. He smiled knowing that he could satisfy his man and give him a place of comfort and release.

Micah licked across his mark, then lifted his head and kissed Jesse tenderly. Micah put their foreheads together as they both panted, breathing one another in. “I love you, Jesse,” Micah whispered.

“I love you too, Micah.”

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