Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Spotlight - Lisa Oliver and Liam's Lament

As far as Liam Lamont's concerned, life sucks. His mate disappeared without a backward glance, he spends most of his time drunk and he has the worst case of blue balls in existence. Fighting his lion form is tiring and if it wasn't for his brother Lucien, and the rest of the pack at Ra's, he'd probably run off into the wilderness and never be seen again. 

But even if life had thrown Liam a massive curve ball, the Fates hadn't forgotten him. One night a mysterious stranger offers to buy Liam a drink and Liam starts to feel a glimmer of hope. But Theo, the mate who walked away, is still lurking in Liam's heart and when faced with a second mate, Liam had no choice but to tell his new mate about Theo and give him a choice. 

Beau Ferris had been told his whole life he would have two mates. All his kind did. His father warned him never to go after one until his pair already claimed each other. But when Beau's animal spirit warns him of Liam's despair and Theo's anger, he couldn't stay away. When he meets Liam he's given a shocking choice - Liam or Theo - he can't have both. 

Stubborn shifters, a gorgeous fae toddler with magic flowing from her fingertips, demons, wolves, and even a visit from the Fates; Beau and Liam have to fight through fire before they get their third and the HEA they both dreamed of. But will it be enough. 

Liam's Lament is the third book in the Arrowtown series. Reading the previous book in the series is advised to understand the context of this story.

This is a true mates M/M/M story with MPREG.

Warnings include violent scenes, coarse language and love so hot it will set your skin on fire. 


“Can I buy you a drink?” A large man leaned against the bar beside him and Liam looked up then, his ready refusal dancing on his tongue. The newcomer was tall, broad shouldered with dancing pale green eyes and short dark hair. His facial hair was trimmed close to chiseled cheeks, his moustache cut with military precision along a thin red top lip. The bottom lip was fuller and curved into a smile. Liam’s cock stirred and he almost fell over in shock. 


“You look like you could use a friend.” The man leaned closer. Liam sniffed and all at once his cock went from half-hearted to ‘yes now’. Standing upright, he looked the man up and down. There was nothing to dislike. Worn jeans molded to thick long thighs. The pale green shirt was unbuttoned enough to show glimpses of smooth skin. Liam’s lion roared in his head, eager to get closer. 

“What the fuck is happening?” Liam looked down at the prominent bulge pushing at his zipper. “Who…what…no…I…fuck.”

“How about we take these drinks to your table and talk about it,” the big man said gently, scooping up the drinks Cam left for them one handed. The other hand rested lightly on Liam’s lower back, scorching through his shirt as Liam let himself be led to his table. In a daze Liam sat down with a thump and immediately grabbed for the glass. 

“Introductions first,” his new companion said softly holding out his hand. “Hi, I’m Beau Ferris and I believe we’re true mates.”

“Liam,” Liam could barely get his throat to work. “My name’s Liam Lamont but you must be mistaken. I have…I had…I met my mate and he rejected me over a month ago.” 

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