Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Spotlight - Stormy Glenn and Papa Bear's Pup

Welcome Stormy Glenn back to Sunday Spotlight!  She's sharing a bit from her recent re-release, Papa Bear's Pup


[Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]

Papa Bear was president of the Blue Angels, one of the deadliest biker clubs west of the Mississippi. He answered to no one, going where he wanted when he wanted. When being on the road so much takes its toll on him, Papa Bear heads to the woods to let his bear roam free. Finding a man beaten and covered in blood was never part of that plan but turning his back on the wounded man just wasn’t possible, especially since he suspects the little wolf might be his mate.

Bartholomew ‘Bug’ Matthews was on the run. Finding himself rescued by a burly tattooed biker was not where he expected to be but he wasn’t complaining. Papa Bear was the sexiest man Bug had ever seen. When the handsome man claims him, Bug couldn’t be happier. But his joy is short lived when Papa Bear disappears, leaving Bug alone and in more danger than ever.

When a vicious attack leaves Papa Bear with no memory of his mate, will he lose his one chance to find happiness or will Bug be able to protect himself and the secret he holds?

Note: This book was previously published at 20,000 words as part of Siren's anthology Ride a Cowboy. It has been extensively revised and expanded an additional 16,000+ words.



“Your father wants to see you.”

Bartholomew “Bug” Matthews winced as he looked up into the eyes of one of his father’s enforcers. He hated each and every one of them. Randal Matthews took great delight in choosing the most psychotic and ruthless men to be his enforcers. They were all sadistic monsters.

Bug set down the bowl of potatoes he had been peeling and stood. While most people would find it weird, Bug enjoyed peeling potatoes. It didn’t take a lot of brain power, which meant he could just let his mind wander and dream about how different is life would be if he wasn’t under his father’s thumb.

He shot his brother, Aisely, an apprehensive look before following the enforcer. It was never a good thing if his father called for someone. It was even worse if you were the man’s son. Their father expected a certain behavior from Bug and his brother, and if they stepped out of line even a bit, there was hell to pay.

Bug swallowed hard as he stepped inside his father’s personal study. He shot the tall, blond haired woman sitting on the sofa with a glass of amber colored liquid a quick look. She was dressed very stylishly in a pair of cream colored slacks and matching silk blouse. Her blond hair was pulled back from her face, highlighting her high cheekbones.

She was an older woman, close to his father’s age. She was also a shifter by the smell of her. Not even the perfume she seemed to be swimming in could hide that. Bug could also tell she was a powerful wolf, maybe even more powerful than his father.

“You wanted to see me, sir?”

Randal Matthews didn’t even acknowledge that Bug had spoken, he just nodded toward the blond. “Vivian.”

The statuesque blond stood and walked over to Bug. He tried not to frown as she walked around him, but he felt as if he was being inspected.

It was kind of creepy.

When she grabbed his jaw, Bug tried to jerk back. One low growl from his father froze him in his spot. He swallowed tightly as the woman tilted his head one way and then the other.

“He is untried?” the woman asked.

“Yes,” Randal replied. “I’ve kept him on a very short leash for obvious reasons.”

What the hell?

Bug shot his father a look as a cold sinking feeling began to swamp him. His father seemed totally uninterested in what was going on here. Bug was actually kind of surprised the man wasn’t on the phone or computer.

The woman on the other hand, she seemed very interested. Bug just didn’t quite understand what she was interested in.

“He’ll do,” Vivian said before walking back over to pick up her drink.

“Very good,” Randal replied. “I’ll make arrangements to have the contract drawn up as soon as possible.”


Bug wished he had kept his mouth shut when his father raised his eyes and looked at him. He hated having the man’s attention. It never ended well for him, but finding out what was going on was a burning need.

Randal stared at bug just long enough for him to drop his eyes and shuffle his feet.

He really should have kept his mouth shut.

“I’ll have his stuff packed and ready to go tomorrow,” Randal said, obviously having turned his attention to the blond.

“Will that be soon enough?”

“No need to pack anything,” Vivian replied. “I’ll provide anything he needs. In fact, I’d prefer if he came with nothing except his collar. I’ll bring it with me in the morning. Just have him ready to go after I sign the contract.”

Bug watched Vivian walk back toward him out of the corner of his eye. When she grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head back, Bug gasped as pain ripped through his head where the hair pulled.

“He’ll do nicely,” she said as her eyes roamed over my face. “I imagine he’ll give me lots of pups.”

Bug’s eyes rounded before shooting to his father. “Pups?”

“Yes, Vivian is in need of a mate. She’s agreed to take you in exchange for treaty between our two packs. You’ll be going home with her tomorrow.”

“I can’t!” Bug’s cry was desperate, frightened.

“You will,” Randal snapped. “It’s already been decided.”

“I’m gay.”

Oh, Bug knew immediately he had said the wrong thing. It was a secret he had hidden from everyone except his brother since the moment he knew he preferred men to women. Being gay wasn’t allowed in his father’s pack.

Vivian’s chuckled chilled him to the bone. “I don’t need your agreement to get what I want, Bartholomew. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter what you prefer. You’ll do your duty to me one way or another.”

God, she was just as sick and twisted as his father.

“No,” Bug said. “I won’t do it.”

Vivian sighed before releasing Bug. For a moment, he thought she might have understood he couldn’t mate her.

Oh, how wrong he was.

She walked over and picked up her coat and gloves before turning to look at Randal. “I will be back in the morning to sign the contract and pick my new mate up.” She pulled on her coat and then slid her gloves onto her hands. “Try not to damage him too much. I will need to start mating him right away.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Randal replied.

When the door closed behind Vivian, Bug raised his eyes to his father. “Father, I can’t—” The rest of his words died behind his cry as his father backhanded him.

“How dare you embarrass me like that,” the man shouted. “Vivian Dumont is alpha of one of the strongest packs on the east coast. A treaty between our packs will make us stronger than any other shifters in the states.”

“But, she’s not my ma—” Bug cried out as his father hit him again.

“I do not care!” the alpha shouted. “You will do as you are told or I will turn you over to my enforcers. They will teach you your place.”

Fear clawed its way through Bug, leaving pain in its wake. He’d seen what happened to people who had been turned over to the enforcers. They were never the same again. He didn’t want to end up like that, but he couldn’t mate with someone who wasn’t his true mate, especially not a woman.

“Father—” The word was barely out of Bug’s mouth before he was laying on the floor, cradling his aching face in his hands as he watched his father stalk to the door, fling it open, and call for his enforcers.


“Let me claim you, mate,” Bear whispered against Bug’s lips as his tongue traced along Bug’s bottom lip, making his entire body shiver with need.

“Yes.” It was that easy. Bug wiggled under Bear, wanting to get closer. He was desperate to feel the man’s large, thick cock in his ass. The man was a bronzed god. Bug wanted to lick every inch of the man’s body. Bug leaned forward, placed his hands on well-sculpted thighs, and took Bear’s cock into his mouth.

“Son of a bitch!” Bear shouted, his thighs shaking.

Bug worked the thick cock, licking and humming the whole time. He felt two large, beefy hands sliding through his curls as he lapped up the pre-cum spilling onto his tongue.

“That’s it, pup. Suck my cock. Take it all in,” Bear crooned as his fingers continued to skim through Bug’s hair. “You can do it, baby. Just relax your throat.”

Bug stopped himself from gagging and then did as Bear asked. Bug found the man’s shaft daunting. Not only was Travis thick as hell, the man had to be at least eight inches long.

“Slow, pup.” Bear hissed as Bug took in another inch. He could feel the head slipping further down his throat. His lips were stretched wide, but Bug was determined to take all of the hardened cock.

“Oh, god,” Bear said as his legs shook harder. “That’s it, pup…that’s…it.”

Taking in a deep breath through his nose, Bug pushed forward, feeling Bear’s erection slide all the way in until the wiry hairs at Bear’s groin tickled his nose.

“Fuck, baby!” Bear’s hands gripped Bug’s curls as his hips snapped forward. It was a slow, sensual fuck. The man’s cock was going down Bug’s throat, and then pulling back. He didn’t need to make a tight suction. Bear’s dick filled his mouth to the stretching point already.

“Oh, damn,” Bear said with a groan.

And then Bear pulled back, letting Bug suck the head with enjoyment. It also gave him a moment to catch his breath. He wrapped his hand around the base, retracting several inches, making it easier for him to take his mate back into his mouth. Bear ran his fingers under Bug’s chin. When Bug looked up, Bear’s green eyes were watching him closely. Bear pulled back. The cock Bug had been sucking on popped from his mouth. Bug raised one brow, asking without words what Bear was doing.

“God, look at you,” Bear said as he trailed his fingers over Bug’s swollen lips. “You look so good when you’ve been sucking me into your mouth.” The man grinned as he pulled Bug up. “I want some of this ass.” Bear’s voice was strained, almost as if he was just as desperate as Bug was to feel their skin collide. “On your stomach.”

Bug swallowed around the dry lump in his throat. He turned around, giving Bear a nice view of his ass, trying desperately to tempt the man into claiming him. Bear grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, giving the flesh a light squeeze. The sensual hold made Bug’s hole pulse with need.

Bug cried out when he felt a finger rim around his entrance. A slight pressure applied, and then Bear’s finger sank in deep. Bug panted heavily, wanting to feel more but needing a minute to adjust.

Bear’s fingers push deep, and then pull back. Bear added a second finger and went in search of his prostate. Bug moaned as the long, thick fingers that seemed to fill him so perfectly brushed across his prostate with every movement of Bear’s hand. A third finger quickly joined the first two, thrusting several times before they were removed. A feeling of emptiness started to overwhelm Bug until he felt the blunt head of Bear’s cock pushing at his entrance. Bug sighed with pleasure as he felt his mate’s cock pop past the tight muscle and fill him completely.

“So good, baby…so good.” Bear slid his hands down Bug’s sides and then gripped his flesh. Shivers broke out all over Bug’s body when Bear’s hand snaked up his neck and over his scalp as Bear grabbed a fistful of Bug’s hair and gave a light tug. He could feel Bear’s balls slapping his as the man jetted into him. He began begging Bear to fuck him harder. He was held still by his mate’s hard body, his plunging hips, and the need to come. Each thrust nailed his gland, and Bug moaned, undulating as they moved together.

Bug lifted his ass higher as he shouted out his pleasure. Bear slid in and out of Bug’s ass so fast Bug had a hard time staying on his knees. He was on the verge of coming. He wasn’t about to let this moment end so soon, but if Bear kept up at his current pace, he was a goner.

Bug let his head fall to the side, giving Bear room to claim him. He knew he was a goner with that large cock shoved in his ass. Bear knew how to use it and make Bug scream with pleasure.

Bear licked the side of Bug’s neck, causing him to cry out in pleasure. Bug screamed at the top of his lungs when Bear leaned forward and bit into his neck. His mind splintered as his cock exploded, pulling his balls so tight to his body as they emptied that Bug thought they would stay that way permanently.

Bear growled around the puncture wound in Bug’s neck as his cock hammered into Bug’s ass. Bug lifted his ass higher, giving Bear room to plunge deeper.

Bear extracted his teeth and they began to move together. Burying his head in Bug’s damp hair, Bear moved a little faster, his thrusts becoming a little more desperate.

Bug could feel the white-hot fingers of fire moving down his spine now as Bear thrust inside the tight depths of Bug’s body, making him groan on every stroke.

“You feel so good,” Bear whispered as his hand went to Bug’s cock and stroked it to the rhythm of his fucking. Bug felt his heart racing even faster as Bear kissed a trail across his shoulder.

“Come for me again, Bug.”

”Yes!” Bug hissed. He couldn’t take it anymore and he screamed as his orgasm slammed into him. His cock erupted and cum coated his stomach.

Bear yanked Bug up, wrapped his arms around Bug’s chest, and then thrust into him until the man was roaring. Bug could feel his mate’s cock pulse with his release as he lay there desperately trying to catch his breath.

“You’re mine now, Bug.”

Sweeter words had never been spoken to Bug.

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