Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Spotlight - April Andrews and Free the Beasts

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Patrick, the head scientist of this little freak show, loved to suck cock. And not just now and then, and not just as a prelude to the main event, but all the time, and as often as he possibly could. In that he reminded Ellis of Dr. Christian.

Dr. Christian…Ellis sighed…it was actually Dr. Christian’s fault that Ellis found himself in his current position.

Stuck in a lab.

Trapped in a lab.

And at the mercy of all the shifters in here who wanted to get their hands on a hot, little omega.

Well, Ellis frowned, it wasn’t just Dr. Christian. Ellis had to take a little bit of the blame. After all, no one had forced him to accept Christian’s advances, no one had forced his cock into Christian’s mouth…and no one could have known that Dr. Christian’s wife would walk in on them just as they were getting into the swing of things.

She had not been happy. Ellis could remember well the look on her face as she caught her husband with a mouth full of cum. As a ranking scientist in Meta Pharmaceuticals, she had ultimately been responsible for sending Ellis here.

A puzzle she’d called it.

He only had to find his way out the other side.

Only then would he be able to return to his old life.

Of course, she’d neglected to mention that there were three beasts between him and the other side of the lab, and that each and every one of them were expecting to be pleasured by the latest omega introduced into their environment.

She probably imagined it as a fitting punishment. Ellis getting his just desserts. Ellis had too in the beginning, once he realized exactly what was happening.
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