Sunday, February 5, 2017

Guest Author - Maggie Walsh and Maxi's Glass Heart

Welcome Maggie Walsh back to my blog as she shares a bit of her upcoming release, Maxi's Glass Heart

Maxi is a small shifter who has escaped a controlling brother and has come to Sanctuary in hopes of disappearing and finding a new life and his mates. As he begins to settle down in his new home and his new job, Maxi begins to make some friends. Something he has never had before. Maxi is happily surprised when he meets both of his mates on the same day.

Valor is a very large and sexy fae warrior, and Travis is a gorgeous wolf shifter who is in Sanctuary as a trainee at the facility. When the three meet, they go off to try to get to know each other, but something Valor says has Maxi worried and he shifts into his creature and takes off. He has had enough pain in his life and he is unwilling to stand for anymore.

After his mates find him and they clear the air, the three have a passionate night together, but that too turns out to be a moment of pain for Maxi. Once his mates are done having their fun with him, they immediately take off without giving Maxi a second thought.

After a week away, Valor and Travis return from a mission to try to talk to their mate and apologize for just leaving him like they did, but they find that Maxi is not receptive to what they have to say. Maxi takes off and Valor and Travis follow him. When they find him a few minutes later, they are both confused when they realize Maxi has no memory of them.

When Maxi is then taken by someone from his past, Valor and Travis have to find him before they lose their mate forever. And if they do find him, they then have to convince the little cutie that they are his mates.

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“I’m sorry,” Maxi whispered. “I should have let you finish and not run halfway through your sentence.”

Maxi stood there silent as he looked between both of his mates, neither of them saying a word. Maxi wondered if he had something on his face the way they were both just standing there not making a sound. He turned his head back and forth between them, then followed their gazes. Looking down his body, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t realized he was standing before his mates buck naked. And their gazes were locked on the hard cock jutting from his body.

Maxi sighed in annoyance and put his hands on his hips. When neither mate moved or averted their eyes, he started snapping his fingers. “Hello. My eyes are up here. Jeez, you two act like you never saw a cock before. Okay, okay, I get it, I’m naked and hard, but show a little control, people.”

“You’re very beautiful, mate. Stunning actually,” Valor said in a deep, husky voice. A shiver raced through Maxi’s body from the sound. He didn’t think the timbre of Valor’s voice could get any deeper, but it did. And, boy, was it sexy as hell. He could feel a bead of pre-cum escape the tip of his already painfully hard cock.

“Yeah, well, thank you, but do you think you could stop looking at me like that for a few minutes so that we can get past this drama?” Valor raised a brow at him as a smirk touched the corner of his mouth, and Maxi narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, I realize it was self-inflicted drama, but...whatever.”

Travis cleared his throat, bringing their attention to him. “Do you both think we could get past this little misunderstanding and move on?”

“Okay, but either you both need to get those clothes off so I’m not the only one standing here naked for this conversation, or someone needs to give me a shi―” Maxi never got to finish his statement as he stood in awe of how fast both men shed their clothes and now stood before him in all their naked glory. A whimper escaped his lips as Maxi’s gaze freely roamed over miles of muscled, taut skin, so perfectly molded and hard. Maxi raised his brows in amazement. That’s not all that’s perfectly hard. Hot damn. Was that an actual cock hanging between his fae mate’s legs or a fucking third leg? At least now he had his answer as to whether the fae was big everywhere. His hole clenched with the thought of that massive man-meat sliding into him.

Travis fidgeted next to him and Maxi turned his attention to him, and another whimper came out. Travis was also well gifted in the cockatiel area, as well as the sculpted body. Maxi licked his lips in appreciation as naughty thoughts of running his tongue over every inch of their bodies crossed his mind.

“Keep looking at me like that, mate, and I’m going to lay you down right here and ravage you,” Travis promised.

“I’m about to ravage you both,” Valor added and stepped closer.

Maxi felt a heat at his back as a hard chest pressed up against him and strong arms wrapped around his waist and began to stroke his stomach. He felt lightheaded and leaned back, welcoming the touch. Maxi’s eyes closed when Valor’s large hand grazed his left nipple. Gods, it had been too long since he had felt the touch of a man.

Another set of hands were placed on his hips and a feather of a kiss crossed his lips. Maxi opened his eyes, but his lids remained heavy with desire. Travis stood before him, his lips a mere inch from Maxi’s own. Travis leaned in and took his mouth in a slow kiss.

A second set of lips pressed against the side of his neck, as they started a path of torturous nibbles and licks up to his ear. His lobe was tugged slightly by teeth and he moaned. Travis took advantage of the slight opening of his lips and slid his tongue inside, tangling it around Maxi’s.

Maxi raised his hands and wrapped one around the heads of each of his soon to be lovers, pulling them closer. He loved being surrounded by these two hot men. And he especially loved being the center of their attention. Sure he was the center of his brother Parker’s attention when the man was around, but that was in a completely different way. Parker was always telling him what to do and what not to do. He always demanded things of Maxi and made his life hell. If he didn’t listen to Parker there were always consequences. Maxi had to do everything for his brother, like a maid. He was so sick of being alone or with Parker. So sick of no one ever caring for him or about him.
But these two men, his mates, were making him feel very wanted, if the press of two hard cocks against his heated flesh was any indication. Damn, where was a nice fluffy bed when you needed one? But then again, the forest had its own advantages.

A large hand wrapped around his cock and began a slow, steady stroke from base to tip. Maxi whimpered from the sensations that were consuming his body. Another hand cupped his sac and rolled it ever so gently, as Travis pulled back from the kiss. “Does both of our hands on you feel good, little sprite?” Travis asked in a whisper against his lips.

“Oh, fuck yes. Being the cream in the middle of this cookie is better than being the chip,” Maxi answered breathlessly.

Travis and Valor both chuckled. “What does that mean, mate?” Valor asked and nipped at the side of his neck again.

“I love chocolate chip cookies. Not too big on cream-filled ones, but maybe I need to reassess that thought, because being the cream is fucking fantastic.”

“See now, I love the cream. Especially the kind I can make shoot from my beautiful lovers,” Valor replied in a husky voice. The vibration of it against his flesh had Maxi’s cock weeping with need.

“Someone likes the idea of you tasting his cream, Valor. The scent of your arousal is making my wolf need a taste of that cream as well, little sprite,” Travis said, then dropped to his knees before Maxi.

Valor stopped stroking his shaft and Maxi felt Travis’s hand wrap around the base right before a wet tongue lapped across the tip. He moaned from the pleasure it gave him and he pushed his hips forward, wanting more. Travis didn’t disappoint. He took the tip between his lips and sucked gently as he speared his tongue into the small slit, pulling more of his essence from Maxi’s body. Maxi thought his head was about to explode from the attention of his two mates, and he didn’t think it could get any better, but then it did.
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