Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Release - A Homecoming for Two Bears, Bear Mountain Book 18

Ronan's story is finally here!  Killian and Finn are finally making it home after their stint at med school -- I know so many of you have been asking about this story, but they needed time.

Also -- this book delves a little more into Project Zed and where that will be going.

While Killian and Finn loved the idea of being sent away to med school by their alpha, the idea of leaving their mate behind wasn’t ideal. Doubling up their course load whenever they could wasn’t getting them done fast enough. When Ronan shows up at their dorm one night, lustful and needing, they take what’s offered wholeheartedly.

After years of near misses, Ronan finally confronts Killian and Finn and demands their touch. Yet once it’s done, he struggles with his feelings. Hearing the words his vile fathers beat into his head doesn’t help, either. Unable to cope with what he’s done, he returns home to lick his wounds.

Torn between their duty to their alpha and their need for the mate they adore, Killian and Finn stay back to tie up their loose ends before they return home to build a life for them and their future family.

If they can convince Ronan to join them before their world explodes.

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But now… now that he was here, potentially only a few doors away, his insecurities came into play. What if they saw him and weren’t happy he was there? What if they sent him away?

What if… what if they weren’t alone?

A growl rumbled up his throat at the thought of another being with his bears. A young human female walking past looked up at him, her eyes growing large. Apparently, he hadn’t done a good job of hiding the sound. She kept moving, rather quickly, as he spied her over his shoulder, watching her scramble away. Once she was gone, he turned back to face forward and got another whiff of their scent.

His cock thickened even more…

Finish what you’ve started.

One step came after the next. He passed door after door, the aroma thickening in his nose and calling him onward. When he sensed it at its strongest, he paused before a closed door. Ronan turned to face it… but couldn’t find the strength to lift his hand and knock.

After all he’d just put himself through… he was chickening out now?

“Hey, excuse me,” a female’s voice rang out beside him.

Ronan tilted his head and looked down at a blonde. He supposed the humans would consider her pretty. “Can I help you?”

She both grinned and frowned at the same time, an odd mix of curiosity and irritation filling her features. “I need to get to the door you’re in front of.”

“Oh,” he murmured and stepped back slightly.

She faced the door and knocked… and then glanced over her shoulder with another smile as she awaited someone to answer. This smile was a bit seductive. Too bad she didn’t have what he was looking for.

It took a couple of seconds to realize… if he’d picked the right door…

It swung open, and he got his first glance at Killian. He gazed down at the girl, a smile spreading over his face…

Ronan’s heart thundered in his chest. That smile was enough to make him ache with need. Yet Killian had never smiled at him like that… not that Ronan had ever given him a reason to.

“I was hoping I could take a look at your notes from yesterday’s lecture. I missed class,” the woman said.

“Sure,” Killian said before his stare lifted, and he caught Ronan’s. The smile faded. “What’re you doing here?”

The woman turned to stare at Ronan, too.

“I… I had to come.”

Killian brushed past the woman and grabbed Ronan’s shoulders, a fierce look of worry crossing his face. “Is something wrong?”

Ronan felt the heat of Killian’s hands on him, and he struggled to think, let alone speak.

“What is it?” Killian demanded, his features twisting with concern. “Are you okay?”

Ronan nodded, his tongue too tied to speak. His stare roamed over that handsome face. That face he’d missed so much.

Killian moved closer—a half step—but it was enough to make Ronan fight back a groan. His mouth was hungry to taste Killian’s. He licked his lips, almost feeling the brush of Killian’s over his.

And then he looked down and remembered they weren’t alone.

She needed your notes,” Ronan spat, feeling her stare burning on him. It would be hard enough for him to admit why he was there. He didn’t need an audience.

Killian stood a little straighter and cast a glance over his shoulder. “Right.” He grinned at the girl. “Let me get those for you.” And then Killian took Ronan by the arm and tugged him inside the room…

Where Finn lay across his twin-sized bed reading from a textbook. He was shirtless, and his feet bare. Only a pair of jeans were slung low on his hips. Ronan had a few seconds to take in the sight before Finn was off the bed and charging forward.

“Why are you here?” Finn asked as Killian shuffled through papers on his desk.

Finn was too close. Too hot. Too everything. Ronan licked his lips again and stared at Finn’s. Oh, how he wanted to plant a kiss on those lips and catch up on all he’d missed while the pair were away.

“I, ah,” he started, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand. He looked to the door and saw the woman leaning in, her stare and composure leading him to believe she was being nosy as hell.

Killian grabbed a set of papers and handed them to the curious co-ed. “Here you are.”

Without looking at Killian, she asked, “When do you need them back?” She stared at Ronan, a half smile playing over her lips.

“I’ve already typed them up,” he said. “Keep those.”

“Who’s your handsome friend?” she asked, her smile widening.

“Nobody,” Killian said, urging her back with the door.

She grinned wider. “I’d say he’s definitely somebody… to you both.”

“Goodbye,” Killian said, sounding irritated.

She pouted slightly, but it didn’t stop Killian from shutting them inside and away from the world. “Explains a lo—” she said before the door slammed in her face.

Killian spun to face Ronan. “Why are you here?”

Can’t a guy come and see his mates? Ronan shook his head. Mates would imply he’d accepted them as such. He didn’t. He wasn’t like his brother, Tyler, ready to bow down to a couple of betas. He was a beta himself, not an omega. Nor was he human.

His bear roared within. His animal knew the truth, even if he wanted to ignore it.

“Ronan?” Finn urged.

“Nothing’s wrong,” he finally said, but then he stopped before he said too much. Before he admitted he was there because he missed the pair of them. It had been too long since the last time he’d seen either male. Early the morning before last, the distance and length had grown unmanageable.

It had driven him to risk danger just to see them.

“There has to be a reason why you crossed treacherous territory to come here,” Killian said as he stepped closer.

“There is,” Ronan murmured, fighting the mounting need within him.

“What is it?” Finn asked, stepping closer.

Ronan lifted a hand and encircled the back of Finn’s head. “This,” he said seconds before he forced his lips on Finn’s.

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