Sunday, January 22, 2017

Guest Author - Victoria Vallo and Assassin's Touch

Welcome Victoria Vallo back to my blog -- today she's sharing a bit of Assassin's Touch.

Yuri has lived his entire life with no freedom, no choice. His situation only worsens when he finds out he’s being given to an assassin. He wanted to escape and explore the galaxy, but not as a killer’s plaything.

Korac wanted Yuri the moment he saw his beautiful face. He gladly cut his price for the chance to spend a month with the breathtaking young man writhing beneath him. Only imagining a few weeks of pleasure, Korac strikes the bargain, clueless as to just how perfect they truly are for each other.

But they’ll soon find out just how strange fate can be, and how quickly one touch can change everything.         

After watching his target for five minutes, Korac felt confident enough to begin pumping the gas in slowly. It was heavily concentrated in the tiny cylinder he held, and it would take several minutes for it to be dispensed. He kept his gaze on the tiny screen and watched the man’s chest rise and fall. It was almost ten minutes later when the man’s breathing stopped. Korac waited five more minutes, not satisfied until he saw blood dripping from the man’s nose. He got out his sensor and slid its probe through another vent hole. He checked life signs three times, each coming up negative. He logged that in the device and labeled it with the man’s initials. He’d transmit it on a secret channel once they were away from the system.

Korac made his way out carefully, though in his desire to return to Yuri he took one corner a bit fast and cut his leg on some jagged metal. He cursed and carried on, one thing clear in his mind.
He had to win Yuri over at all costs. The fact the man could already distract him so much while working told Korac that he’d already fallen too far to walk away.

Yuri sat reading a data pad when Korac returned. He looked up right away, his expression wary yet relieved. Had he been worried about Korac? It seemed possible. Korac got them in the air and away from the planet before returning to Yuri.

“You all right?” Korac asked as he sat down by Yuri.

“Me? You just went out on a dangerous mission. I should be asking you that,” Yuri said.

Korac shrugged. “Wasn’t dangerous. I was very careful.”

Yuri eyed his leg. “That’s blood.”

Korac looked at his torn pants and examined the cut through the tear. “It’s nothing.” But then he had an idea. He yanked his boots off and dropped his pants. “But you can patch me up real quick.”

To Korac’s surprise, Yuri actually rose and returned with a med pack. He knelt and looked at the cut before starting to clean it. “Is he dead?” Yuri asked softly.


“How did you do it?”

Korac hesitated. “You want to know?”

Yuri shrugged. “Just curious.”

Korac started to say something, then stopped. When Yuri didn’t press him, he said, “Hey, Yuri?”
Yuri looked up from what he was doing.

“Are you afraid of me?” Korac asked.

“You promised not to hurt me.” Yuri rubbed healing ointment into the cut, the skin already healing over the superficial wound.

“Not what I asked.”

Yuri swallowed, which Korac had discerned he did when he was thinking or questioning his own actions. “I guess I am. A little.”

“I don’t want you to be. You aren’t taking me seriously because I started talking about love within an hour of meeting you, but I know what I want when I see it. And I go after it. It was just about how beautiful you are, at first, but I really like you. Everything.” He watched Yuri put the supplies back in the med pack, his gaze averted shyly, and then Korac leaned down and captured Yuri’s chin in his hand. “I want you. I won’t take you back to that nightmare of a life. To that bastard who treated you like chattel. I won’t give up when it comes to you, Yuri.”

“Don’t I get any say in this? Get to be more than chattel?” He sighed. “Doesn’t my happiness matter?”

“I plan on making you very happy.”

Yuri pulled out of his grip. “How would you know what will make me happy?”

“I know what makes you sigh. Makes you moan.” In a whisper, he added, “What makes you come.”
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