Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NEW RELEASE: A Marine for Two Bears, Bear Mtn #14

With the werewolf issue still hanging over their heads, Bear Mountain’s alpha has tapped ex-Marine, Captain Deacon Jaquobi to come up with a plan for the valley’s protection. Deacon comes, not so willingly—but upon arrival—he comes face to face with his fated mate.

Glenn Ashland is the valley’s grocer. A single father to two twenty-somethings, he’s lived the last sixteen years mourning the deaths of his mates. Until meeting Deacon, romance wasn’t even on his radar—but he can’t ignore the attraction he feels for the mysterious shifter.

Deacon has to pull out a full-scale offensive to tempt Glenn closer, but a wrench is thrown into the mix when Deacon learns he has a second mate, Emmanuel. How can he hold on to a skittish Glenn and seduce an omega at the same time?

And then there’s the most important issue. Dragons are only supposed to get one chance at love in their immortal life… why is he getting two bears?


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Glenn began ringing up the sale and watching the other male from the corner of his eye. Once the transaction was complete, he bid the male goodbye before another basket landed on his counter.

That icy blue stare met his, and Glenn felt a rush blow through his body. He drew in the male’s scent… only to come up short. Nothing? How could he have no scent?

A flicker of a smile crossed the male’s lips. “My name is Deacon. Am I to guess you are the proprietor here?”

Glenn nodded. “I am.”

“I understand you’ve been having some problems with getting supplies into your store.”

Glenn used the back of his hand to brush a bit of sweat and hair from his eyes. He’d spent all morning hauling cases of food and necessities and was sure he looked like hell. “You could say that.”

“The alpha has asked me to come up with a plan that will help with transit. I’d like to hear your concerns.”

Another customer stopped behind Deacon, basket laden. Glenn waved the male on and took the basket. “Gold or barter?”

“I brought the twelve dozen eggs and put them in your cooler,” the male said. “The rest, I’ll pay in silver, if that’s okay?”

“Sure thing.” Glenn started ringing up the order, eyeing Deacon. Any other time, he could get one of his boys to man the register, but the shelves desperately needed filling. “Mornings are always real busy for me. Maybe you can come back later.”

“What are you doing tonight?” Deacon asked.

Glenn shrugged, caught off guard by the question. “I don’t know… nothing, I suppose.”

“Then you can have dinner with me. Mountain Inn, say, seven o’clock?”

Glenn froze a moment, as did several of the customers nearby as they turned to look and be nosy.

His own mouth dropped, a little stunned.

Deacon smiled, and Glenn was sure he felt it right down to the tips of his toes. “So you can tell me your issues and concerns, of course. You seem like a busy man, but you’ve got to eat, right?”

Glenn nodded. “Yeah. I can meet you there at seven.”

“Good,” Deacon said with a wide grin before leaving his basket behind and heading for the door.

“Wait, do you need this?” Glenn said, grabbing the basket.

Deacon turned with a wicked grin. He lifted one brow. “Bring them with you. If you’d like.”

Glenn slid the basket across the counter and looked inside. There was a bottle of lube and a box of condoms. Heat flooded his face. Lifting his gaze, he watched Deacon’s back disappear through the door.

Need slammed into him like nothing he’d felt in years. Decades. His tongue moved out to wet his lips as he felt his cock thicken in his jeans. A shudder raced through him.


Turning back to the customer he was midway through ringing up, he froze. All eyes were on him. Heat filled his face once more before he tucked Deacon’s basket out of sight. Embarrassment made it hard to breathe as he continued to ring the male up, as well as the two after him.

Once the counter emptied, Henry sauntered over, a broad smile on his lips. “Got a date tonight, Pops?”

Glenn violently shook his head. Perhaps a bit too violently. “I’m a bit old for dates.”

“Old? Sure,” his twenty-year old said with a grin… a grin quickly that faded. “But you’re still alive." 
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