Sunday, August 21, 2016

Guest Author: Victoria Vallo and Shackled

Welcome Victoria Vallo back to my blog as she shares her new release, Shackled -- the first book in her Imprisoned series.

If you commit a crime on Vaharis 6, there’s more than one way to work off your sentence…

Matthew knows today is his last chance. If he doesn’t get an offer to work off his sentence outside the prison’s walls, he’ll be sent deeper into the hellish place and left at the mercy of the other prisoners.

Varan only wants someone to do his grunt work for him, but when he sees Matthew, something from his past takes hold of him again. He wants to make the man submit in every way, and the prison warden’s greed makes it possible for him to buy the chance to do exactly that.

So Matthew is saved at the last possible moment… only to find himself bound to a man who seems determined to break and possess him, body and soul.


As Varan prepared their dinner, he asked himself why he’d admitted that Matthew reminded him of someone. If Matthew was smart, he’d end up using that information against Varan. He couldn’t let Matthew do that to him. Letting this man best him would simply drive the knife of his first heartache deeper. He finished with the food—chunks of rehydrated meat and vegetables he’d bought on Vaharis 6—and carried two plates to the bedroom.

Matthew lay there with his eyes closed, but he stirred and looked up when he realized he wasn’t alone. Varan set the food down and unbound Matthew. He put the cuffs back on, again placing his hands behind his back. Varan sat on the bed beside him and reached for one plate.

“Are you allergic to anything? The fresh veggies are from Vaharis. I get fresh when I can. Everything else is rehydrated. We’ll be stopping frequently enough we won’t have to live off it.” He held up a chunk of meat.

Matthew just stared at him. “You’re going to feed me?”

Varan smiled. It was part of his plan to force a bond, to make Matthew depend on him for everything. “I want to.” That was true, actually. He found it erotic in a way.

Matthew hesitated and chewed his lower lip. “No,” he said after a long time. “I’m not allergic to anything.”

“Good.” Varan put the meat to Matthew’s lips.

Matthew opened his mouth, and he actually moaned as he chewed. Then he looked down as if embarrassed.

“Don’t be ashamed. I know the prison food was awful,” Varan said. “My last charge was suffering severe malnutrition. I had to put him on fluids the first few days.”

“Did you treat him this way, too?” Matthew asked.

Varan fed him another piece of meat. “No. I’ve been a keeper twice. It was purely business.” He shrugged one shoulder. “They both seemed willing enough, but…” He didn’t know what he wished to say.


Varan dipped the fork into the veggies. “I didn’t want them.”

“They weren’t attractive?”

“No. They were very handsome. Nice bodies.”

Matthew looked at the plate of food. “But I remind you of someone.” His gaze held a little fear, as if he worried Varan would be angry.


Matthew hesitated to take the next bite, but eventually he opened his mouth. After he’d swallowed, he said, “You don’t want me to ask, but the best way to prevent that would’ve been not telling me at all.”

“I’m very aware of my mistake.”

“It’s hard not to be curious.”

Matthew stopped asking questions and focused on eating, obviously very hungry. Varan smiled as he spooned up the last of the food. “Perhaps it’s a test. Or maybe I want you to ask so I can punish you.” 

“Punish me how?” Matthew asked, shrinking back a little.

Varan set the plate aside and leaned in close. “It would be a very sensual experience, though there might be a little pain. It would lead to pleasure by the time I was done.”

“You said I shouldn’t be afraid.”

Kissing Matthew’s neck, Varan said, “And you shouldn’t be. I won’t truly harm you.”

After giving Matthew some water, he unbound him so he could relieve himself. He left Matthew alone in the bathroom and ate his food. Matthew took a long time, and Varan wondered what the younger man was thinking. When Matthew finally came out, he got some insight into that.

“Do I have to do anything but suck your cock tonight?” Matthew asked.

“Blunt. I like that.”

Matthew rubbed his wrists. “I was wondering what I could do in exchange for not being bound all the time.”

“It will only be when we’re alone. Out in public, I’ll have a collar and leash for you.” He leaned back on his elbows on the bed, waiting for Matthew’s reaction.


Varan nodded slowly. “I won’t make you crawl, but yes, a leash. You’ve seen them before, on slaves and submissives. Pets, too.”

“I’m not any of those things.”

Varan stood up and went over to him. “But you are mine to do with as I please. If you displease me, I can send you back.”

“Naked and bound and scared of being punished. That’s what you want in a lover?” Matthew’s eyes hardened now, the fire in them exciting Varan.

“Naked and bound, yes. Not so much scared as submissive. You’ve done well so far.” He snaked one arm around Matthew. “Don’t spoil it, little one.”

“Don’t spoil my six months of sexual slavery? Are you kidding?”

Varan tightened his grip. “I said I won’t fuck you until you truly want me.”

“But you’re gonna make me suck your cock tonight, right?”

“You didn’t protest when I pleasured you earlier. You even thanked me after I got you off and swallowed your load.”

Matthew looked away. “I don’t know why I did that.”

Varan dragged Matthew with him and threw him down on the bed. “Because you meant it. You’re grateful you ended up in the hands of a man who didn’t rape you the moment you came into his possession.” He climbed on top of Matthew. “A man who gets you hard the way I do.”

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