Wednesday, May 18, 2016

NEW RELEASE: Finding His Two Bears (Bear Mountain, 11)

FindingHisTwoBears LG
After his brother was savagely beaten by their father, Jamie McCreary knows they can’t go back home. He, Colton, and Penn disappear one night, planning to eventually come back for his brothers. Life outside the bear world isn’t as easy as it looks, and it takes twelve years for the trio to finally find their way home.

On their way, they’re attacked while crossing through the reservation. Luckily, new Bear Mountain deputy Will Collins stumbles across the males and rushes them to the clinic—all while trying to ignore the deep-seated and confusing lust he feels for the eldest of the three.

Dr. Logan Sinclair doesn’t believe in brother bears or mates… but his beliefs are about to be tested when Jamie and Will run into his clinic. Can he let go of the past and embrace a new future before the alpha exiles three more McCrearys?



Heat flooded Will’s body as he stared at Logan approaching. A swirl of light slid through Logan’s eyes as he moved closer, and looked just like the one Will had seen in Jamie’s.

“Can I help you?”

The man’s deep voice sent shivers up Will’s spine. “I was the one who brought in the three guys earlier tonight. I was wondering if Penn made it out alright.”

The doctor nodded, never taking his eyes off Will. “He’s fine. I hear you’re our new deputy.”

“Willibi Collins,” he said, offering a hand. “But most people just call me Will.”

Electric arced through his hand and up his arm at the touch.

“So I’ll be seeing a lot of you around here, it seems.”

Will swallowed at the thought. “I suppose so.”

Silence fell between them. He met Logan’s stare and saw heat there.

A fire ready to consume them both.

Movement in the hallway behind Logan caught his attention.


Cleaned up and wearing a pair of scrubs. His wet hair was slicked back, giving Will a better look at just how handsome he was.

Cleans up pretty good.

Anything was better than dirt and caked on blood.

Will felt his cock thicken even more and begin to throb. Breathing wasn’t happening too well, either. The walls were closing in on him…

“I’m glad he’s doing better. I should be going.” He spun and headed for the door before he made a flipping fool of himself.

“Nice meeting you,” Logan said, his voice deep.

Will cast a glance behind him and saw Jamie stalking closer. “Yeah, you, too,” he said before escaping. The cooler night air slapped him in the face as he rushed to his pickup and climbed inside.

Before he could close the door, a male body wedged itself between him and the metal.

“Thanks for stopping and helping,” Jamie said. “I didn’t get a chance to say it earlier.”

“Just doing my job,” Will said, avoiding looking at the man.

Jamie leaned in closer, the scent of freshly cleaned male tickling Will’s nose.

“Job or no, I appreciate what you did.”

Unable to stop himself, Will turned to look at Jamie. The man’s face was too close, inches from Will’s. When Jamie gently pressed his lips to Will’s, a rush of lust filled Will unlike anything he’d ever felt.

The scrape of Jamie’s beard over Will’s chin set fire to his flesh. The firm lips pressed against his, igniting the need all over again.

It was over too soon.

Will looked up into Jamie’s eyes as he rose to his full height.

The man ambled sexily back to the sliding door, as if he knew Will was watching. Logan stood in the doorway, observing everything that was transpiring. Jamie turned and both males stared at him, their eyes swirling with light.

Will started the engine and sat there willing himself to leave. These men were strangers. He barely knew them.

Yet he wanted them with a ferocity he’d never experienced. He backed away before throwing it into drive and gunning the gas. His heart thundered in his chest as he focused on the road ahead.

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