Sunday, May 1, 2016

Guest Author: April Andrews and Bought by the Betas

Rick has been in love with his best friend Harry for as long as he can remember. But it is a love that is not reciprocated and so Rick, not wanting to risk their friendship, has tried to bury his feelings and be grateful for the relationship they do have rather than pining for the one he wants them to have.

But when omega wolf, Raylan, enters both Rick and Harry’s lives it changes everything because Raylan immediately recognizes Rick and Harry as his mates and if they’re his then they’re each other’s too.

But with a war between packs looming and danger inching ever closer, can the omega wolf help these two betas find the happily ever after that they all deserve or will their mated trio be over before it has even begun?



Rick gasped and sat up in his bed. The covers pooled around his chest, and a breeze feathered across his skin. That fact didn’t immediately hit him as out of place because Rick could think only about one thing: why the hell had he been dreaming about Raylan in that way?

Rick had never dreamed about fucking anyone but Harry.


And yet...he closed his eyes as the dream-memories overwhelmed him...he could see Raylan’s naked body, his bronzed skin, the way his hair fell across his face as he moaned... He’d been moaning because Rick had been fucking him, his cock sliding in and out of the other man’s tight ass...

Rick groaned again as something that he had only ever experienced in a dream sent arousal thrumming through his body. His cock hardened and his balls tightened in an instant. Only, it made no sense!

He wanted only Harry.

Always had.

Rick ran a shaky hand over his face as he tried to recall exactly how the dream had started. They had been in their house, his and Harry’s back in the omega town. It was a regular kind of evening. They had all been sat, laughing and talking, like it was all perfectly normal. And then, the next thing Rick had known, they were kissing each other, touching each other, and then they were naked and...

He clenched his fists as exactly what had happened next washed over him. Virgin Rick might be but he knew how sex worked, he knew the multiple ways that partners could pleasure each other, had fantasized about doing most of them with Harry. But Rick had never dreamed about fucking someone else, only being fucked, and always by his best friend.

And yet, he had dreamed that he was fucking Raylan.

And the omega wolf had liked it.

A lot.

Rick shivered as he tried to work out exactly what was going on, about why he would have dreamed such a thing. Maybe, he thought frantically, it was something to do with what he’d seen? Maybe the intimacy between Harry and Raylan was somehow affecting him in an odd way? For sure, Raylan was attractive, Rick had thought so from the first, but for the other man to invade his dreams in this way...

Rick clenched his fingers around the cotton blanket that was only just about covering his thickened cock. Despite the odd panic now running through him or the fresh pain that thinking of Harry caused him, Rick couldn’t help but reach down and squeeze his cock. A low moan escaped him as he did so.

It had been a long time since Rick had pleasured himself. And always in the past he had done so with a slight sense of shame. Because he would always think of Harry as he pumped his cock and was it right for him to do that? To jerk off knowing that only a thin wall separated him from the man he wanted to be having sex with but that man had no idea?

Rick closed his eyes, tension making his muscles clench. His cock was practically throbbing beneath the cotton and he knew that right about now, with the arousal from the dream thrumming through him, that he had little choice but to pleasure himself. It was that or spend the entire day in this state.
The day was going to be hard enough anyway.

Why make it worse?

Rick pushed the covers off his body and lay back down. He spread his legs nice and wide and reached down to rub his cock. It felt so hard against the palm of his hand, the length nice and ready to be pleasured.

Rick did not pleasure it straight away.

He rubbed up and down his erection before dipping down to cup his balls. He tested their weight, rubbed in little circles around the sacs. Only once they began to tingle did he move lower, his fingers tracing the path from his balls all the way down to his ass. His pucker was already nice and wet, clenching in anticipation of being filled.

Rick wished to god that Harry was here to fill him.

He began to pant slightly as he imagined the other man dipping a finger inside of him. He had chunky fingers and they would fill Rick up nicely. With that thought thrumming through him and arousal singing in his veins, Rick lifted his legs up so that his knees were bent and his pelvis tilted. He then pushed his hand forward so that he could penetrate his own pucker. The moment his finger went inside Rick let out a sigh of satisfaction. His cock jerked against his belly, and pre-cum coated the tip.

Slowly, with measured strokes, Rick finger fucked himself. His ass welcomed the attention, his channel closing around his digit, demanding more, demanding something thicker, something longer.

It wanted cock.

Harry’s cock.
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