Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 2015 Writing Update

July started off with the release of His Skittish Sub, A JLC Construction Story, 5.  This is Damien's tale -- for those of you who might not have read Six Men and a Wedding -- Damien is Golden's best friend from college.

Damien Rosetta comes to his best friend’s wedding with the date from hell. Of course, that’s the perfect time for fate to put the man of his dreams in his path, the very moment he can’t do a thing about it. Damien can’t get the man off his mind, and when fate finds another way to bring the pair together, Damien isn’t taking no for an answer.

Lucas Cullen was supposed to meet Damien at the bachelor party, but chickens out before the night barely begins, never meeting the man. One look at the sexy Damien, and Lucas’ shyness takes over. When he gets a second chance at the wedding, his tongue ties in twenty different knots and he blows another shot. Friends orchestrate one more meeting, knowing the third time’s gotta be a charm.

Damien is entranced. He can think of nothing but Lucas and having the man, but he’s thwarted at every turn. Can Lucas get over his shyness and surrender before it’s too late? 

Mid-month, I'll be introducing a new series -- Bear Mountain.  This story wasn't supposed to come out until August, but I had to make a change in the schedule due to editing issues with Carreg.  And it's past time I did some bear shifters, right?  I've been itching for this story to come for some time now and I'm excited to unveil it.

You'll soon get the chance to meet Carson, Royce, and Jared and spend time with them on Bear Mountain.  This tale will have plenty of the BDSM and action you're accustomed to.  It will also be gay for him, or rather gay for them, as the case is for my two bears.

After Bear Mountain, I'll be wrapping up Carreg, the first Earth Dragon book and getting that out FINALLY!

I'm also working on a special project for a new publisher. More on that to come.  Just know the title will be coming out around October under the "Wicked" line.

Yes, there will be more in the Triple M Ranch stories to come, and Jason will get a JLC Story, too.

Have a great July... it's looking like a scorcher!
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