Tuesday, July 28, 2015

August 2015 Writing Update

I've really done a piss poor job of posting this past month, but in my defense, I've been under the wire and trying to get an extra project done within my already crazy schedule.

The success of Bound to Two Bears has also been amazing.  This book was the first to get me a #1 Bestseller on Amazon AND All Romance.  I love all my readers and am amazed that you guys were so excited to read my first book in that series.

Next up is Carreg (OUT TOMORROW), the first in the Earth Dragon series.  For all you Fire Dragon fans out there -- I heard you!  I know you've been waiting a while for this, but when the Fire Dragon series only did so-so, I took that as a sign that people weren't interested in my dragons.

How wrong I was.  Between the emails and messages on Facebook, I realized you guys wanted more, so it's coming!  Carreg was a "basterd" though... (and I say bastard in the accent and tone of his Scottish lover)... and the dragon made it difficult to tell his tale.  He didn't want to share and many a day I sat looking at an blank screen or started writing a story and knowing it was all hogwash.  I started over four times, but the last one -- it was the one.

I am pleased with Carreg's story and hopefully you will be, too.  You'll also meet Graig and Bonn, the other two dragons in this trilogy.  They'll have their stories to come, as well.

After Carreg, Claimed by Two Bears is coming.  This will be Paul's tale and I can't wait for you to read it.  Raised by bears, the human has an interesting take on their world, and his place in it.

I'll have a special cover reveal post about that coming soon.

And I haven't forgotten about my cowboys or those who loved them.  There will be more Tales from Triple M Ranch to come.
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