Sunday, May 31, 2015

Guest Authors - Beauty and the beast with Yuki Edo and Victoria Vallo

Welcome Bestselling TEP authors Victoria Vallo and Yuki Edo who are sharing a bit of their recent release, Beauty and the Beast!  The two stories flow, the second continuing the first.  If you love wolf shifters and gay loving, this might be the book for you.

Bestselling author Victoria Vallo and Yuki Edo bring you two gay paranormal shifter tales filled with heat!

Under the Moon by Victoria Vallo

When Lee finds out Erik’s a shifter, he becomes even more entranced by the man with startling blue eyes and a body that won’t quit. But does Erik only want a bit of fun, or will he be the one to finally give Lee all that he’s ever desired?

Bound by His Wolf by Yuki Edo

The handsome Simon makes no secret of his attraction, even as he acknowledges that Michael isn’t gay. Yet every moment with this man feels better than the ones without him, and despite his recent pain, Michael wants to love again. When Simon gives Michael something he never even knew he wanted, Michael has to decide if his heart really cares what sex his lover is…


Excerpt from Under the Moon:

Lee smiled. “Seems we think alike then.”

Erik gazed down at the smaller man, with his tousled brown hair and big green eyes. He wanted to pin Lee to the truck and feel that erection pressed against him, but he held back. The guy was responding, so there was no need to get aggressive. The wolf inside him, however, truly did want to pounce.

“Lemme text Simon real quick. Then I can help you. You got more boxes?” he asked as he whipped his phone out. To Simon, he sent: New guy hot and adorable. And hungry. Get more steak. Might get to play.

“Yeah, several empties. Just unpacking the kitchen and bathroom really. I’ll do other stuff tomorrow night.”

“Lead the way.”

Lee smiled and led him inside. Simon texted back. Just you? Or we gonna share?

Erik replied. He’s a maybe. Reticent. We’ll play by ear.

Simon’s only reply was ok. Erik cleared his throat. “Simon’s gonna get more food. We’re good to go.”

“Great. Thanks for the invite.”

Erik let him pass with an armful of boxes. He pushed in just enough to rub his hard cock against Lee’s ass. “Thank you for being so damn cute.”

Lee blushed and didn’t reply. Erik grabbed some boxes and followed him out. As they shoved them into the pickup, he said, “You can tell me if you don’t like being called that. I know some guys don’t.”

Lee shrugged. “Eh, Michael and I went to a private school. Got called pretty boys a lot, especially after I came out. Being kinda short and small, soft featured.” He shrugged. “Eh, it’s not so bad. I work out now. Doesn’t bother me.”

“Okay, but anything you don’t like, tell me. Okay?”

Lee seemed surprised by the serious statement, but Erik wouldn’t try to lighten the mood. Lee’s scent was calling to him, and he wanted to get the guy in bed and see what kind of chemistry they had. He had a feeling they’d be explosive together, and he wanted Lee to take him seriously and not think fucking was his only agenda. Erik wanted a mate, one day, and there was no reason Lee couldn’t be the one. His scent certainly had quite a pull. It had drawn Erik out of his kitchen and onto the porch earlier. There had to be a reason for that.

“Okay, yeah. I just haven’t been called cute in a while.” He picked up more boxes. “I’ve had kind of a dry spell. Left me a bit shy.”

“Shy? That mean I’m special? Drawing you out of your shell?”

Lee stopped as Erik picked up the last of the boxes. “I … like you. Never really liked a guy right off the bat before. Thought they were hot, yeah, but not…” He turned away and went back outside.

Erik followed and put his boxes in the bed. Then he took Lee by the waist and held him against the truck. “But not?”

Lee shrugged. “Don’t know how to describe it. Just feel … drawn to you.”

Erik knew exactly how to describe it, and it gave him hope. “I like you too. Kinda clicked for me right off.” He leaned in. “Let’s see how far you come out of that shell of yours.”

Lee arched his hips to press their groins together, and Erik took his mouth. He moaned into the kiss, their chemistry undeniable. He forced Lee’s mouth open and kissed him deeply. Lee felt so small pulled up against him, and Erik just wanted to wrap Lee up in his warmth and his scent. Mark him. Claim him. He had to fight to keep from growling as they parted.

Panting, Lee said, “I think I’m all the way out now. And yeah, clicked is one word for it.”

Erik laughed. He brushed their lips together again. “Wanna turn you around and fuck you right here, but … like I said, I like you too. Would rather have you in my bed later tonight. Do it right.”

“I bet you do it right all the time.” Lee put his hands, which shook a little, on Erik’s shoulders. Lowering his voice, he said, “Do that again. It’s been so long.”

Erik brought his lips to Lee’s ear. “Then you’ve been around idiots, baby.” He nuzzled his neck and enjoyed Lee’s soft moan.

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