Sunday, May 17, 2015

Guest Author - Misha Paige and Beneath the Waves

Welcome Misha Paige to my blog -- she's a debut author at TEP and just released her first book - Beneath the Waves this week.  I read the story and really enjoyed it -- as well as the bit of surprise as to who Taylor's phantom lover is.  Very hot read and I think you'll enjoy!  Here's a sneak peek of Beneath the Waves.

Hungering for him…

For weeks Taylor has felt a presence watching him, convinced it was just the fantasy of a lonely man. He yearns for a connection to someone, he’s too afraid to risk his heart.

Maybe he was just crazy.

Until one night everything changes. Taylor is pleasured by an unseen entity, one that returns again and again as hungry for Taylor as he is for it. One that willingly fills every one of Taylor’s desires.
Taylor learns there is more to this presence than just lust. There is loneliness, need and a heartbreaking hope for acceptance that matches his own.

Slowly, the man who always shied away from people is drawn closer and closer to something that wants him desperately. Something that could give him everything he ever dreamed of.

If Taylor will take the risk.

If Taylor can accept what lies beneath the waves.


Chapter One

I was spending the evening watching a porn video on the laptop while lying on my bed—my eyes devouring the screen as the cute, dark-haired twink moaned loudly while two thick dicks fucked him slowly. God, that looked so good. I tried to imagine it was me being impaled by those wide cocks, being split wide open as I was helplessly pinned by two men as they took what they wanted from me. The butt plug in my ass was my largest, but it didn't come close to comparing to the thick cocks I watched hungrily. But it stretched me good enough to mostly satisfy that desire.

Continuing to watch and imagine, I was going to enjoy myself as much as I could during this rare moment alone in the house. My roommate was gone for the night so I could be as loud as I wanted. My hand rubbing and stroking my seven inches, I was enjoying the smooth glide from the lube. Moaning aloud as I squeezed and rolled my balls with my other hand, sometimes pulling on them hard enough for a dark bite of pain. I gave them a hard yank, crying out even louder since there was no worry of being overheard by the guy I'd had a crush on since the day he moved in. My cock bounced against my stomach, leaving a few drops of liquid behind as the hairs tickled it. I kept stroking and pulling, driving my arousal even higher.

As hard as I was, I wasn't ready to finish myself off yet. This was too good to end so quickly.

No, that was a lie. I was waiting—holding out hope I would feel the presence of my silent, unseen voyeur. That pulsing hunger that had started haunting my room as I pleasured myself.

At first I'd thought I was crazy all those weeks ago when I’d felt eyes on me when I was playing with myself. But it happened so often I'd spent hours looking for some type of hidden camera or peephole.


Yet the feeling continued, slowly growing stronger. The idea of being watched was so arousing. I'd started performing, drawing out my pleasure while I put myself on display, like now, moving until I had my knees bent and legs spread wide so the base of the plug was plain to see. The only drawback was that I didn't have it secured to a chair like I preferred so I could move, fucking myself on it hard and deep as my dick bounced wildly until I finally grabbed hold and pulled it in a painfully tight grip before finally shooting.

At least this one had a remote so I could start it vibrating for an extra kick.

But I knew it would be the feeling of being on display for the other’s entertainment that would probably push me over the edge.

Taylor, you’re fucking losing it.

Just when I'd given up, I felt those hungry eyes taking in the scene I was setting. My pulse raced as, finally, I could get serious. Reaching down I took hold of the base, moving it in and out, slowly, just wanting to ratchet up my desire even more while I performed. I tilted it just right to bump my prostrate, shuddering at the explosion of sensation. My dick was leaking all over my stomach by now.

The hunger pulsing in my room pushed me even higher. God, I wanted to come, needed to so damn bad. So I let go of the toy and grabbed the Fleshjack I had ready and waiting, groaning as I slid just the tip of my cock in. The feeling of a yearning stare intensified. "You want to watch me slide it all the way in? Fuck my dick with it? Going faster and faster until I shoot?"

The greedy desire in the room became almost palpable as I pushed myself in the lubed toy just a fraction deeper. I couldn't hold back my whimper, my cock so hard and needy it approached a painful level as it slid into the tight grip of the toy.
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