Sunday, May 12, 2013

Works in Progress

Coming Soon!
Just an update on new work:

1.  Slave World Book 2:  The Initiation is nearly midway through.  I hope to write THE END on it very, very soon.

2.  A spark of an idea has finally hit me on Natascha's next story.  Will be outlining this week.

3.  The Duke's next tale is on the block as soon as SW2 is done.

4.  I still haven't given up on doing another Master's book.  I have a great idea for part 7, just drawing a blank on where to take part 8.  If nothing comes, I may just write part 7 and make it the finale.

5.  I have ideas percolating on two new series.  Yes, TWO!  One I know will be hot, hot, hot...perhaps some of the hottest yet.  The second is still in the infancy stage and just roiling around trying to figure out how to take off.

Hope you've enjoyed the stories I've put out so far...and considering May is Masturbation Month, I don't doubt some of you may have used them to celebrate this fine, upstanding holiday.  Not that May should be any different than any other month of the year.  National Masturbation Year is celebrated in my home each and every year.
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