Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not One, But Two New Series ...

Yes you read that right!  I have two new series coming to you soon. 
The first, Bears in Bondage, is set in the muscle bear community and is about a sex shop owner who meets a down on his luck ex-Army college student.  He gives the young man a job in one of his shops and has fun trying out the new products he gets shipped in.  Talk about some quality control!  The first draft of this tale is already in my editor's hands and will be coming very, very soon.

The second series is Wolves of Mt. Alexis.  Inspired from a fan who loves shifter tales, I took a seedling of an idea I had and let it go sooner than
anticipated.  The first tale is Remy's Wolf.  Remy finds himself in hot water and a large timber wolf comes to his aid.  He's shocked to find the wolf's not a wolf at all but a man.  And he's even more surprised when he finds out he's that wolf's mate.  Hank claims him in the most savage way and Remy's going to love every minute of it.  I've just started writing this tale and it should see publication sometime in June/July 2013.

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